Uomo Morto

Worked Stefano, IK5XCT/P today and he used I/TO-322 which is not listed, I did get the name from him, Uomo Morto, which is a peak in the Apuane Alps… Has Sota Italy listed a new one.??? Any ideas.


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See “Alerts” at 0900 today.


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Cheers Roy,explains it… one for the bank…


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one for the bank

Probably not. Apart from the untangling of the last Italian update there are no updates for Italy till 2012 AFAIK.


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It appears on the sotaitalia website though, so they seem to believe it’s valid …


73 de Les, G3VQO

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Ah well…

Unfortunately here in Italy only few operators know that the ONLY official list of valid SOTA summits can be found here (on sotawatch). This situation is not going to change becouse italian manager has very “obscure” communication methods… just to give you an idea: try to find how many times ‘sotawatch’ word appears in sotaitalia.it website (sotawatch site:sotaitalia.it - Google Search)

Almost every italian regions in sotaitalia.it website have a list of summits different from sotawatch, this is unbelivable and can lead (like today) to confusion and misunderstanding. In my opinion this is an unacceptable behaviour for a “real” sota manager.

73 de
IZ1KSW - Gabriele

Mamy thanks to all for QSOs to this Summit… for now, new reference for italy TO-322, but i hope soon international reference.

If you want see more, picture … on my web page

sotaitalia http://www.sotaitalia.it/to-322_uomo_morto.html

73 & 72 to next summit … de Stefano IK5XCT

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Just to remove any doubt in anyone’s mind, if a summit is not showing on the SOTA database (SOTA Database) then it is not a current SOTA summit.

You cannot claim activator or chaser points should you work it. You should also note that you wont be able to retrospectively claim these points should the summit get added to the SOTA database in the future.

Andy, MM0FMF
Database Manager.