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Unusual Find

I found this while activating W5N/SE-014. I chose the log as my shack, began emptying my backpack, and was quite startled when I spotted it. It made me think of a gruesome crime scene for a moment.

What is the most unusual item you have discovered while activating?

73, NM5BG


Garmin GPSmap 64 in perfect working order. (I handed it in)

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Nikon SLR Camera on Skiddaw last year. (I handed it in)
Wool hat on Pen-y-Fan (I kept it)

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7AH SLAB on Sharp Haw G/NP-029 in 2009 (taken away and disposed of (dead))
Ordnance Survey Map in case on Badandun Hill GM/ES-037 last month (still checking the web to find the owner)

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Didn’t someone find Jimmy M0HGY’s HT somewhere once? I vaguely recall something.

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Two weird things on one summit – a bowling ball and a portable drill device of some sort on W9/WI-006.

73 Paula k9ir

Reminds me of the Compressor Route on Cerro Torre. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cerro_Torre

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That’s a fabulous looking peak. But too scary for me to even contemplate how you climb it, roped on or not.

Somewhat OT: I was talking to my multi-munroist mate at work and I said that I’d be more than happy to get as far as Everest Base Camp and look up at the peak and things like the Khumbu icefall. I’d not need to go further. He said that if he ever made it to the base camp there’d be no way he wouldn’t want to attempt to summit and so he’d rather never get to the base camp. Interesting difference in viewpoints.


Cerro Torre is a bit showy really. My favourite down that way is Monte Sarmiento. I went to have a look at it - impressive. Hardly ever climbed. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monte_Sarmiento


I’ve been told that the bolt ladder is still there - right beside a perfectly do-able free climbing route! Personally I’m prepared to wait for that one and Everest until they put in escalators!

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A boat on W7A/CS-045. Not big enough to be Noah’s Ark though.

I also found another boat in the middle of the woods on a hill in Ohio. Other odd stuff found, a baseball bat, drug smuggler supplies (I didn’t stay there long!), large bulbs from an old Visual Aircraft Beacon site, a gold chain, a scary looking large kitchen knife, rusty old mining equipment, a 6’ double-slide aluminum step ladder, and a dollar bill. Always adds some excitement to find something unusual especially when you wonder how the heck it got up there.

Keith KR7RK


I think you might be referring to that time when I accidentally dropped my first ever mobile phone on Kisdon G/NP-026 back in October 2006. Both myself and my dad Tom M1EYP spent hours on this summit to trying look for where I had dropped this mobile phone, but we were unsuccessful in finding this and to make things even worse, we did not manage to qualify this activation as we only got 3 contacts each. It was about a month later that when someone who was geo-caching on Kisdon G/NP-026, that my mobile phone was found and amazingly it still works and this got posted to me. However by this point I no longer needed this mobile phone as I thought I’d lost it forever so had an new mobile phone by this point. I’ve no idea where this old mobile phone of mine is now, so must have lost it again after it got found.

Jimmy M0HGY


Found the cap to my crappie pole 8 years after I lost it… on the same summit where it went missing.

Elliott, K6EL


It’d have been REALLY spooky if you’d found it on a different summit to where it went missing :rofl:


Dropped my Kenwood handie on Foel Fenlli but didn’t realise it was missing for a week. Went back & found it fairly wet, but it dried out OK. I’m reminded of the 100 year old or so Winchester 44 that was found propped up against a tree in the Rockies. Now in a museum.

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Middle of the woods… an empty lawn chair (not even a reclining one), with clothes scattered about. A short search did NOT reveal a body, but I had the same thought as you - a possible crime scene?? Decided not to stick around…

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Found this on the approach to Watermelon Peak a few weeks ago.


Well it’s not a Sasquatch!

A dehydrated, half-eaten apple on a rock, high on the trail to Mauna Loa in Hawaii. No local critters to finish it off,


A 30rd M16 magazine loaded with blanks. Found it when I went a couple hundred feet off-trail to dig a cathole. This was in an area where prospective US Arms Rangers are trained, so it was probably one of theirs. I’m sure someone had to do laps or pushups when they got back!

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