Unidentified callsigns?

I’ve got 2 calls in my log that don’t come up on QRZ or safari.

9ajaa & c8ads

I asked both for a couple of repeats and unless their Morse was consistently bad or in error
then I’m pretty certain they are correct as sent/received.

Any thoughts?
Does this happen at all?

9A1AA is a SOTA operator.


Should have gone to Specsavers, they do hearing aids too! :slight_smile:

9ajaa is of course 9A1AA
c8ads maybe CT7EDS

9A1AA has a consistent fist IMHO (I’m not very good, take my opinion with a pinch of salt)


Thanks 9a1aa it is. My j and 1 do look a bit similar sometimes. Perhaps you’d like to recommend handwriting lessons too.

But your suggestion for c8ads ?? As I heard him send his call several times before I was able to answer him in a pile up. If I was incorrect he never corrected me - and I don’t think my Morse is that bad!!


Always write a dash under your 1 and/or a dot over your i and that problem is solved.


EC8ADS Alfredo


Thanks Lars He was very weak so I probably didn’t note the. ‘E’,


Possibly Alfredo’s rig switches to TX slowly so the initial dit is very much shortened. Combine that with a slow AGC response in your rig and it would easy to miss the first dit.

I always miss calls beginning with a number the first time I hear. A kind of “hey where’s the initial alpha characters in your call?” moment that throws me.


I had a T6JS answer me last month, he repeated the same thing 3-4 times, i inquired his c/s twice with ??? and got an RRR. I really doubt i had a chaser from Afghanistan…

Hi, Maybe c8ads = EC8ADS it is chasser

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Although not the best way to solve the problem that occured: some times when I had to find out a missing letter or number, I did tested the possibility of " who chased me" and found the answer! Differently I let my listening and waited for any interest from the chaser’s side.

73 de Christos.


Thanks Jose it must be him. I think a C8 is from Mozambique- and not very likely.!!


You could always enter your activation as you think you logged it, then click the “Show who chased me” feature - and then download that activation log, delete from the database, edit, and reupload.