Turning hiking sticks to the antenna mast without special parts

It’s probably not new to some people… but maybe it will help one

Sometimes, especially on longer, steeper hikes, I don’t want to carry an antenna mast to the summit.

Then I take my hiking poles and turn them into an antenna mast, which I stick into a bush or between stones.

I put it together with the handle loops and fix it with the Velcro straps that I use to hold the antenna wires and coax cables together. If you tighten the Velcro straps properly, it is quite stable. It’s about 2.50 m high.


73 Armin


I use Clever Sticks https://www.cleverstick.swiss/

73 Marek


Those look great, Marek!

Here is a UK supplier of walking pole “links” that could work for joining together existing walking poles. I haven’t tried them out but they do look useful for SOTA.


I have been messing with this for awhile as I often use my poles to get the radio side of the antenna elevated. I started out just lashing them with paracord, but that was too tedious. I tried the 3D printed coupler that was in QST but only managed to get my poles stuck together. Moved on to twist ties and a strap/twist tie combo.
@ DL6GCA I like your idea. It’s simple and elegant.


To connect the trekking poles I use water pipe clamp (double snap clip).


finally, it looks like this


Hallo Bart

Thats an interesting piece. I’ve never seen it before.

As you may have seen in my report from Pamplona - F/MC I have used the pole made from walking sticks successfully a few times.

73 Armin


Here is another comercial product similar to the others posted here that I’ve used.

It worked well for me prior to getting a mast, I would attach them together, then tie them off to a tree 1.5m up or so.

I found project of 3D-print poles connector: Hiking poles connector (turning two hiking poles into a teepee pole by rocrm - Thingiverse


Precisely my thoughts Armin. The only difference is that I will be using reusable tie wraps rather than velcro straps.

I am planning to use this on summits where a lighter and more stable load is required for the ascent. At the moment I carry a pole and a 5 element 2m yagi strapped to the side of my backpack which being over 1m long can make it somewhat unbalanced. I am constructing a new lighter beam with a sectional boom so the antenna can be carried inside the backpack. Used in conjunction with the walking poles, it should make tackling the more difficult summits easier.


Interestingly, I have searched the websites of various hardware and plumbing suppliers in the US and have not found anything like your clamp sold here. Too bad, it looks like a great solution. In fact, it looks so good that I may try to cobble together something similar from the clamps that are sold here.

When out for the day, I carry a collapsing fishing pole as a 7 meter mast. When backpacking overnight, though, I use the hiking poles to cut down on gear weight. I just use an equipment lashing strap to fasten the poles together. It’s not as stable as I would like, and the pipe clamps might be just what I need.

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maybe You could use this clamps plastic/electrical pipe (or similar)

And connect like this (glue or screw)

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That would be a possibility, of course. I have already used these parts to build antennas. You could screw them together back to back.

But on the other hand, I don’t need any special parts. I hold my antenna wires and the coaxial cable together with Velcro and then I always use these to hold the walking sticks together. That works perfectly.

73 Armin