Trig pillar spider

Spotted this on twitter

Shows the nearest 8 trig points to the centre of your screen, like a spider!


Wow! Why?

Cos’ someone is smart enough to do it. Same person has also done it with Greggs!

Now that would be handy?? got a link!!



If you’re really into Trig Points, this is far more useful. A .kmz file for Google Earth. Links back to trigpointingUK. Third one down on this page:

@2E0JWA Fill ya boots with Greggs goodness!

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I think you’ve missed the (trig) point. It’s completely useless. :wink:


Hi Fraser,

Maybe you aren’t one of the athletes running up to a trig, touching it then running back down. These folk are very fit but your antenna wires need to be well out of their way…

I suspect bagging trigs is nothing to do with SOTA.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2DA

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From my home:

Very useful! :rofl:


OK, obviously this is an app for the UK only, so my above remarks are at best specious and unwarranted - but humor is a saving grace I’m told.

Having said that, I find the idea of such web apps, which react rapidly to user input and display and update results quickly on the map, to be commendable and noteworthy. I can’t, however, speak to their usefulness or practicality.


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Ha! A bit like the Greggs version from my QTH on edge of Yorkshire Dales :slight_smile:

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They’re all just a bike-ride away - and downhill at that!

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I’ve just tried that for where I am now in Cornwall and discovered there are only 2 Greggs in the whole of Cornwall. I seem to remember reading something about Cornish resistance to buying their pasties from Greggs was the reason why the chain only has a very small footprint in the county. :slight_smile:


Unfortunately the app also points to branches that are closed on Sundays :frowning:


That’s so unfair! You will have to stock up on steak bakes, sausage rolls and dinosaur pasties on a Saturday ready for the Sunday SOTA trips.

no surprise the most dense population of greggs is in Newcastle, its home.

i do remember and did test it once, that in Sunderland whilst at uni i could buy a flat cornish(dont do them anymore) and by the time you had finished it you were at another greggs :rofl:

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A pub crawl sounds more appealing than a pasty crawl.


Maybe with a couple of sausage rolls at the end ?

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