Trans-Atlantic S2S QSO Party - 3 November 2018- Activation Reports

That was great! Baby sitting fell through so I was time pressured, but in a little over an hour on W2/NJ-009 I worked 10 S2S. I ran 100w with an IC-706MKIIG and and end fed wire. The forecast was for 60 mph wind gusts, so the beam stayed home. As it was, I don’t think I got any gusts above 25

mph or so.

There were only two problems. One, propagation was like drinking from a firehose, either I got a wall of stations coming back or nothing at all, and the SOTA website threw up after I entered my long log. Also the website did not ask me if any of the contacts were S2S.

A great day though that I am looking forward to repeating.

73 and thanks all,
Tom, N2YTF


WOW…just got home…quick look at log shows about 85 contacts, Twenty One EU contacts…I see at least seven s2s contacts to Europe, but there may be more, as i am not sure everyone on a summit indicated that to me. See a fair number of USA s2s contacts as well (11). Final results later today or tomorrow I figure.

Wkd 13 different countries in EU…EA, 9A, DL, OH, PA, F5, OK, OE, HB9, S58, G8, GI4, SA

EU s2s to 9A, DL,OE, HB9 (2), S58, G8

This was the best I have ever done during this event for sure. Very odd having an Eu s2s pileup!

Thanks to everyone!



Thank you Tom for nice QSO.
I was at home with 50 Watts into a long wire in the garden.
73 QRO de Roger

It was not bad at all, I was active from LA/AH-016:
On 20m (used HWEF + 35 W):
1 S2S med NA SSB
1 S2S med NA CW
5 ordinary QSO med NA CW, with longest QRB to Colorado ca. 7500 km.
2 QSO with EU CW.

On 30m (used vertical + 35W)
1 S2S + 8 ordinary QSO with Europen stations, I was spotted multiple times in USA on RNB on 30m, but no takers…

I wanted to work more but fingers were too frozen, it was raining, extremely foggy and completely dark, I was not sure if my headlamp would survive all way back if I stay longer and decided to not take chances and pack.

Thanks for QSO guys, it was fun!
Best 73s from LB8CG.


Wow, what fun!

We managed our first three S2S contacts to North America and several other contacts to NA and VE!

Peter OE5AUL und Joe OE5JFE setting up a Delta Loop and a groundplane for 20m (which we wanted to compare) and a J-Pole for 2m

Added one more picture courtesy of Sabine OE5SLE!

Would not have expected such good conditions under these circumstances!

I want more of that! :smiley::grin:
Thanks to all activators and chasers for the contacts!

73, Sylvia OE5YYN



Such a nice summit for antenna testing I wish had something similar nearby :slight_smile:


73! a funy day!

At half the activation I changed from 3 band EFHW to delta loop for 20m.I made it evening before. Worked abt 80 QSO. 7 NA QSO. NA S2S with N1EU (good op). some of them very strong AC1Z, N4EX, K8LJG, KD1CT, VE2JCW. Contest QRM as usual…thanks activator and chasers !

73! Ivica / 9A6CW


Tom, the database will only ask you about s2s when you enter a chaser log, not an activator log

I didn’t activate today, but was delighted with such great propagation conditions.
See following all my chases today.
Those on 40 and 30m were with my TS-940S at 100 watts into my endfed wire in the appartment balcony. Pamplona Locator IN92ET.
Those on 20m were all with my IC-706 connected to my TH5-DX yagi in the village (Locator IN92CQ) and remotely controlled from my rental appartment in Pamplona.
Propagation conditions were absolutely amazing today.

Very few SSB QSOs compared to those on CW, but several times looked up to activators spotted on SSB and I could hear nothing. On the other hand, I almost always managed to copy activators spotted on 20m CW (the TH5-DX helped a lot for this with the Northamericans, but even stations located at the back or the side of my beam were copied and worked. I think it’s been a really great day in terms of propagation conditions.
Thanks to all the activators and I’m looking forward to the next one.

P.D. it’s been a lot of fun working SO2R (Single Operator 2 Radios) with my TS-940S with the endfed antenna in the balcony on the one hand and the remotely controlled IC-706 with the TH5-DX antenna in the village on the other hand.


It doesn’t. If you have S2S entries in your log, you first enter the activator log and then enter the S2S contacts a second time via the Chaser log entry panel.


Hello everyone,

Big thanks to Sylvia and Peter for letting me join them. Always a lot of fun to do a team activation with you both :smile:
Btw. Sabine OE5SLE and Manfred OE5MBP joined us for a chat because they noticed us at the summit webcam.

Great conditions and renewed motiviation to learn CW. In SSB my first NA S2S with N2YTF and first SOTA QSO to Canada.

Setting up the antenna farm hi

Sylvia full focused during CW QSO :+1:

73 Joe


Hi Tom,
Thanks for the QSO on 20m SSB.
You need to upload your ACTIVATOR log with ALL the contacts you made today

AND also the CHASER log with your S2S contacts

Good luck and 73,


This was the first time I managed to attend one of the S2S events and it was loads of fun. Many thanks for all the chasers and S2S ops for putting up with my keying :sweat_smile:

I used a vertical with cap hat clamped to a metal fence serving as counterpoise, tuned by the KX2 ATU and sending 10W. Managed 25 QSO (5 US) of which 12 S2S (1 US). I lost a couple others mid QSO, sorry about that.

Summit was in the fog most of the time and I wish I had brought gloves. Many NA activators seemed to be coming on as I was leaving, but my cold fingers just couldn’t go further.


Dear Sylvia, Peter and Joe,
I was listening on the frequency while you were making your S2S with Tom N2YTF.
Your signal was pretty weak as I was receiving you on the back right side of my beam, however I want to tell you how amazingly clear your female white voice was perfectly understood during your SSB transmission with weak signal, Sylvia, while the male voices of your 2 companions, Peter and Joe, were far less clear and more difficult to understand.
A nice feature for a ham radio rig would be some sort of synthesizer to convert our male voices into white female or child voices :wink:



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Wow! What a fun morning and reminded me of the activity a few years ago. Managed to work 27 EU stations from my summit, 16 S2Ss of which 9 were from across the pond. It was chilly in the low 30s (0 celsius) and still dark when I was setting up. I was QRV just as the sun came up and it turned into a very nice morning. I apologize for my poor CW skills to the one UK station that was trying to work me, but my brain and fingers were frozen at that point. I wish I could have stayed on the summit longer, but had to get back home.

73, pat - KI4SVM

View from W4C/US-001



The Trans-Atlantic S2S QSO Party was a great event with very good propagation! Tks for organizing it and tks to all the participants. I worked 82 QSOs. 7 S2S out of 35 were made with NA. Most of the QSOs were made in CW on 20 meter.

I used a KX3, 50 watt and a Buddipole or J-Pole!

vy tks es 73 de HB9BIN, Jürg


Why is that anyway?

First of all, thanks Barry, Ed and Gerald for organising this QSO party! It was the only reason I was keen to activate on HF in these times of dull propagation. On the other hand, I was quite oprimistic as I had some QSOs from SOTA and GMA summits across the pond in the past few days on 17 m SSB using only a linked dipole.

As a backup antenna I had the dipole with me in case my homebrew 20 m through 10 m L-matched triple leg antenna would not work. I ‘played around’ with her some weeks ago changing the radiator wire, the linked resonant counterpoises, and the coil, but today I neither was able to remember the results nor find the notices of the measurements I made. So I didn’t know if she was ready to use today.

I started with an activation of DM/TH-853 Halskappe 605 m ASL to grab the six SOTA points and to check if the vertical was working. Surpisingly she had a good match on the desired bands 20 m and 17 m and was ready to go. Three QSOs on 20 m were made easily (albeit the forested summit), including a s2s with SV2RUJ/p. Then propagation changed :wink: and some strong Russian blokes sat on my calling frequency. 20 m was a zoo due to some contest going on, but that gave me an easy fourth QSO with an Ukrainian station.

Knowing my vertical was working I then quickly packed my things and headed on to DM/TH-001 Großer Beerberg 983 m ASL. I was a bit late with the station QRV at 1500z, but just in time to grab the transatlantic s2s of the day, N2YTF. 20 m was playing, but I struggled with heavy QRN up to S9. I found a CQ ferquency what gave me some QSOs with the Euro SOTA family including 2 s2s and another three contacts into NA. After the pile up ended, I changed to 17 m to give it a try, but the band seemed dead and nobody came back to may calls. After QSY’ing back to 20 m, an EA8 QSO and an s2s with OE9HRV/P on DL/AL-137 :face_with_monocle: were made.

With the clouds gathering in my shack, the sparse daylight and the Bundesliga programme on the telly that I didn’t want to miss, I closed the station at 1600z.

Taking the overall suncycle and the predicted G1 solar storm into account, this is what I call quite good, except that one of my favourite bands, 17 m, wasn’t playing. :wink:

screenshot courtesy of


Edit: Ups, I’ve just found a typo mistake in my log. The station from Cuba was in fact from Madeira. Will correct this.


17M was playing quite well from W2 to EU 1400-1430Z - the same EU stations I worked on 20M were noticeably louder on 17M. I had a very sub-optimal antenna on 17M: simply my 20M EFHW - (1:49) - coax fed through the KX2 ATU. But I still had quite good RBN spots from EU on 17M and many 17M EU qso’s including 6 S2S.

73 Barry N1EU


Seems I was an hour late, Barry. :slightly_frowning_face: