Tommy, W7RV, has reached 60,000 chaser points

Tommy has just past the 60,000 chaser point milestone. He has one of the biggest signals out of the west and is “always” in there chasing. He is also helpful in the pileups and helps others get the summit with QSY requests, etc. Good job, Tommy.


Hey, Tommy congratulations. What an accomplishment! You are correct this SOTA activity is getting addictive. 73 Tom NQ7R

Way to go Tommy (W7RV)! You’re my top chaser and I really appreciate you being there. I look forward to working you on many more summits to come my friend.

73, Brad

Congratulations, Tommy! I sure appreciate your always being there when I am activating. 73, Paul K9PM

Good show, Tommy!

Ken, K6HPX

Good job Tommy. Always good to hear you in the pile-ups.
Gary A - W0MNA

I have only been able to make 346 QSO’s with Tommy from the SOTA summits I have activated so far.

What a slacker…!! Hi Hi

Imagine a SOTA day without Tommy…now that is something scary to think about!

Tnx Tommy…346 times…



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Congratulations Tommy. You are almost always in my activator logs.

73 Rich N4EX

Congratulations and thanks for all the contacts! I can always count on you to be there and blow my headphones off.
Roger, ND7PA

Congrats Tommy! Though I’m not surprised as your signal is always 5x9+ into my puny little vertical I use for SOTA. Look forward to many more qso’s friend.

Congrats! Quite an effort!

73 de NU7A/Bren

Very impressive especially considering that the USA came in later. 'Rock on Tommy.'
73 de G4YSS John

We send our congratulations to you. The numbers are getting very high and you are one of the foundation stations of SOTA. Rock solid!
Merle and Herm

Wow, I just saw this…having a bit of internet problems. Thanks people for the kind words and well wishes. Most of you are activators as well as chasers, and without you guys, there would be no chasers. You activators do all the hard work and heavy lifting, so my hat’s off to you and my thanks for all the many QSO’s. I try to spot you guys always, if it had not happened when I work you. That the least I can do. I’m glad to do anything I can to help out. When I started in SOTA 3 years ago, I sure didn’t foresee the level of activity we experience today. It is amazing, even with poor band conditions. 73 to all and see you in the pileups.

Tommy W7RV AZ-DM43


Congratulations Tommy! I am very appreciative of the help, and patience, that you have given to this newbie. I look forward to giving you another 3 or 4 points on your way to your next milestone! :wink: Talk to ya on the hill!

Congrats Tommy! Activating wouldn’t be as fun or successful without you always being there! 73 de Jim/K7MK


Well done and very impressive.

Thanks for being my chaser on so many occasions.

Paul W6PNG

Tommy is such a steadfast chaser…he’s almost always there on the alerted frequency, just waiting, for an activator to show up! As an activator, many times I would set up and send a “V” then my “QRL (without my callsign yet)” and Tommy would call me! So I learned to just call Tommy first…W7RV de nS0TA, dispensing with my CQ SOTA. Invariably, Tommy would come back to me! Now that’s a Chaser!

Congrats Tommy! Guy/n7un aka nS0TA


Congratulations and thanks for all the help on the peaks!

MIke - ke5akl

Tommy, whether I am in the West or the Midwest, you are always looking. How many times I have just sent “QRL?” on a quiet frequency to start an activation and you come back for a contact! CU AGN during your second round of 60K points. Scott WA9STI