Today Guru EA2IF would have been 58 years old.

Today Guru EA2IF would have been 58 years old.

I would have liked to activate DM/BW-058 in his thought… He had the wonderful idea to activate a Summit with the number of his birthday.

Unfortunately it did not work with me with the activation… what a pity. So it only remains for me to remember our friend in this way.

73 Armin


I would have liked to have done an activation today in honour of Guru’s birthday but unfortunately I am working.

I will dedicate my next activation to Guru, I will use my FT-817- Guru’s favourite radio for SOTA.



Yes, it is surprising how quickly a year passes when you start to get a bit older! Guru is much missed.

Don’t forget the Memorial Raffle.


Guru is in my SOTA log many times, including from Mount Hayden (W2/GC-072). With this in mind, I am headed there today to commemorate the contributions EA2IF made to my SOTA experience. Listen for me in EA.
Stay well & 73!
Mike, WB2FUV


Saturday March 11th marks the first anniversary of Guru’s death.

On this occasion we are planning a casual meeting of the North German Sota activists in the area of the DM/NS-122 summit. Of course, everyone from Germany and worldwide is invited.

Details are still being discussed and will be announced in good time.

73 Chris


Thanks for remember Guru on his birthday.
The group of his close friends commented on this today. We’re are in the way to get some special callsigns for his memorial that will be on air soon in March. More details on that in a few weeks.

Mike, thanks for it, I was very glad to have the QSO with you today!

73 Ignacio


Off the mountain now. Glad to make many EU contacts today!
I am sure Guru was listening…
Stay well & 73!


Hi Armin,

I really liked his idea of matching peak numbers with birthdays. After he died I decided to undertake a commemorative activation on a 057 peak but was thwarted by a road closure due to fallen trees. The weather in that area has been wetter than normal and very windy so frequent closures could have been a possibility.

I eventually did the activation, VK3/VC-057, but on the 31 December 2022. Late I know, but it’s done.

Indeed I liked the idea so much that on my birthday I activated a peak with an appropriate number and I hope to do it again this year.

I have written it up but the HTMl requirement for this space means I can’t just upload my pdf document with embedded photos. I did try to search for instructions but struck out



Yesterday I had the chance to activate Wank, DL/EW-001.

By the way, it was also my birthday yesterday. :slight_smile:
To be honest, I also liked the idea.

The number 001 is not matching any number, except that its the first time that I activated on my birthday.
Usually weather conditions in January are not activator-friendly in DL, so I did find an appropiate summit in the range of the fifties…

73 de Robert, DL4ROB


Roman activates the Summit today - Great!

73 Armin


As I promised, I took my FT817 out with me today. I activated Ingleborough G/NP-005 and operated on 14.058MHz to remember Guru’s birthday.

73, Colin


I was doing a bit of chasing this morning and saw your spot Colin but couldn’t hear you on 20m. It would have been going over my head - as most things do these days. :slight_smile:

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