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TM2IF in Memory of EA2IF

Hi all,
A pleasant activity today from 2 summits in the FL/VL region. Nice weather and a pleasant approach.

I have to apologize for a mistake made for the 1st summit : between 0852 UTC and 0906 UTC on 7 MHz, I send incorrectly my reference as FL/VL-039 instead of FL/VL-036. I can see in the SOTA DATABASE that most of the concerned OM’s have corrected their log. It seems that it is not (yet) the case for OM1AX, EA1AAP, S57D, EA4BOc, EA2DDG, ON7GO and EA4DON/P. I will advice them by separate emails.
All my excuse for the inconvenience.
best 73 de Chris TM2IF / F6FTB