TK/TK-095 first activation

After a 1.5 hour walk and +600m climbing the summit was reached. This summit has never been activated and i was hoping for a good activity.
Unfortunately, the 40m CW band (the only one i can operate right now with a QCX) was crowded as a contest was running…
I had difficulties to be heard with 3W and a EFHW. Magically at 1200 UT, the band sounded like dead !
So, a good advice is to look at the contest calendar and choose activity time accordingly !! :grinning:

A view of the path. This is the “Mare a Mare centre” path crossing Corsica from West to East, so it’s clean and well marked. This part is the only “flat” part, the rest is rather steep !

Looks all a little bit abandoned. Not well maintainend at least.

The view over the gulf of Ajaccio. The global view is fantastic, Sardiania could be seen when looking South.

The “station” !
All in all, i’ve worked 27 QSOs on 40m CW. I must build or buy a multiband/multimode transceiver to fill the log. 40m during daytime is rather tough and does not provide enough QSO to enjoy the activation !

73, Patrick.


Congrats Patrick, what a nice viewfrom up there ! lucky you !!!
73’s Bob

It looks a bit warmer than here!

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It probably is ! But everything is relative, it’s cold for me !! HI HI

73, Patrick

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Nice pictures from Corsica Island, Patrick.
About the contest, yes it is a must, check the calendar and get 10mhz Xmitter.
73 Gerald

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