Tick Tacklers

Not sure what category this would fit into but, caught this on the local TV news earlier today:

No Deet, or any chemicals for that matter, used. Curious how it would hold up/work with some hard-core bushwhacking?

Todd KH2TJ


Probably little, because the ticks also sit further up in the bush and drop on the victim.

Fortunately, I am not the favorite target of ticks. But there are people (I know it mainly from women) who almost always have a tick when they come home from hiking.

An acquaintance with whom I was once on a biological excursion (we were looking for butterfly eggs) , knows about her problem. Her method (besides vaccinating, which unfortunately does not help against Lyme disease - and a spray) is to close all access points to clothing. She wears the socks over the pants and has also sealed the sleeves and neck… also she wore a silk balaclava. She really looked very weird and able to scare people. It was a warm summer day and I was in shorts.

When we came out of the bush, we checked each other for ticks. ( This is very important, especially with children) - I had none. She had 3 on her clothes.
In the evening she called me and told me that she found another one while showering.

Since a friend is seriously ill with Lyme disease, I think everything is good that helps just a little against ticks. But this product alone will not help!

73 Armin


Thanks for sharing Todd.

I’ve occasionally had ticks on my legs from walking through heather or long grass, except for one time when I was cycling through really long bracken [ferns] and picked one up on my arm.

I very rarely wear shorts on the hills in summer unless I know in advance the levels of vegetation.

Cheers, Fraser

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When we came out of the bush, we checked each other for ticks. (

I’ve had ticks, under my arms, on my inner elbows, back of my knees, but what really concerns me about your “mutal examination”, is that I often have them around my errrrrr? Wobbly bits, the groin area - testicles etc., Are you sure you did a thorough examination?

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Yes in my experience the “Tick Tacklers” would be more effective round my wrists than my ankles :joy:

I think others have pointed out the shortfalls of this. Any tick higher than your sticky bands is safe.

When I lived in Eire, where ticks were common place, I got curious as to how ticks got onto your legs and how they managed to creep up your legs etc., So… I used to run/jog through a small meadow which had lots of rank grass and rushes in it and I often picked ticks up… I decided one damp day to run that way in shorts… Arriving on the other side of the meadow I discovered I had numerous ticks running/scrambling up my legs.

To my surprise they were very agile, quick and had a good grip. It was harder than I thought to brush them off as they had a stong grip. Eventually I managed to remove 26 off my legs before I continued my run.

In about 40 activations I managed to collect 3 ticks in the Black Forrest. This was in an area where you would seldom meet people. As a consequence there are more wild animals there. You always would be able to hear something moving in the bushes…

You do not need to get lime disease… already a “simple” infection can get you to hospital … the usual treatment consists in strong antibiotics e,g, Clyndamicin with all the known sideeffects.

So any hints to avoid this are welcome!
In summer I use an Antitick Spray… but I do not know how effective it is…

Another info that might help… in Germany we have riskmaps for ticks, e.g.
This might make people more aware of the risks.



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Yes, ticks are indeed very common in EI. I tend to wear gaiters year round for tick protection as much as keeping my legs dry, and I still pick up an occasional one. One of these tick removal tools is a handy thing to keep in your wallet.