Thermal visors/ nocturnal visors

Hello folks, I was thinking about buying either a thermal or a nocturnal visor. I have been reading a lot about both and I get the difference between them, but I am looking for a first hand opinion from people who own them. We sometimes climb down summits after sunset and a lot of interesting things happen in the forest at night which we cannot see. If by any chance there is some fellow activator that owns either a thermal or a nocturnal visor, I’d be glad to hear from him (the expense is not negligible, especially for thermic visors, so I would rather be sure it is worth the money). Thanks a lot, Marco


An interesting idea.

I wonder if any ex military pilot’s night sights are available on the open market?

A quick look on E-Bay produced these:-Refurb Nightfox Red HD Infrared Night Vision Goggles 1x Magnification Extra Wide 5060577470618 | eBay



You might try the NASOTA site as I know we have ex US military who activate etc.

I’ve purchased from this US site and my experience was positive and it might help you get insight etc into night vision.

I think hunters etc buy that kind of gear, so it’s not a strange request!.

Good luck