The Volcano Eruption.....

The Volcanic Eruption beside SOTA Summit TF/SV-36 rumbles on. The lava flow comes from deep within Earth, or 20 Km (over 65000 feet). No words can describe the feeling as you sit there “listening to a volcano”…The eruption could last for weeks/months even years or decades…


If it last long enough you might in time get a new SOTA summit to activate.

73 de Marek


When we visited Iceland many years ago (before I discovered SOTA), there were no active eruptions in progress. I’m not certain whether to be disappointed or grateful.

Fortunately a business trip to Hawai’i gave me the opportunity to visit Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park during a period of activity at Kīlauea volcano. It’s still active, see webcams. IMHO, the park is an essential part of a trip to Hawai’i, highly recommended.

The volcano also is a sacred site to native Hawai’ians, so best be respectful during your visit.


Should be nice and warm activating in winter and you get your bonus points too!!


It is planned…stay tuned… :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you are referring to my post, alas, the Kīlauea volcano is not a SOTA summit. But don’t cancel your trip, there are others on the island!