The SOTA "Tastes" challenge for 2020

A fun challenge is to drink the following while activating or chasing a SOTA summit

NH / SH (Northern Hemisphere / Southern Hemisphere)

Jan / Aug A warm coffee (with or without milk, sugar, cream etc).
Feb / Sep A nice cup of tea (Black or White as preferred).
Mar / Oct A cup of soup (whichever flavour you like).
Apr / Nov A lemonade (homemade is better but bought is allowed - again with sugar or sugar-free).
May / Dec A fruit juice - ideally freshly made from fruits on the summit but otherwise, a box or bottle concoction is allowed.
June / Jan A non-alcoholic Beer (don’t want any wobbly activators)
July / Feb A non-alcoholic Wine or Sekt (cheap champagne).
Aug / Mar A cola (sugar-free or with sugar).
Sep / Apr A “Still” or “Sparkling” mineral water.
Oct / May A “Mezzo-Mix” or “Spezi” (Cola-orange/lemon mix).
Nov / Jun A hot drinking chocolate.
Dec / Jul Eat a piece of cake with whichever drink you wish - well it is nearly Christmas in the NH!

No awards, no certificates, no points no multipliers. If activating just watch that you don’t drink too much - some of those summits are rather crowded and without a place to secretly “dispose” of excessive fluid, it could be embarrassing!

Above all HAVE FUN!

73 Ed.



I like the idea and I think it can be expanded. Myself just activating in Japan it is very popular to bring a stove or hot water to prepare ramen noodles on a summit.

Also I learnt that Jakub @OM1WS is bringing a special tea set on some activations to prepare a nice tea for himself and friends.

So I guess a food and drinks on a summit photo thread is to be created soon.

Count me in.


OH Great - yes by all means create a (practical) food list as well. I forgot soup and will go back and add it to the drinks list, although it might overlap with the food list.

73 Ed.

Hey Ed, perhaps we should invert that list for the southern hemisphere and have our hot drinks in June, July and August and our coldies in December, January and February!

That said, I always have a nice, hot cup of tea when activating a Summit, any time of the year. So what if it’s 35 degrees in the shade! My grandmother always said that a cup of tea cools you down, and who am I to argue.

Presumably photographic evidence will be required in order to claim challenge points?


Bernard, VK2IB

Agreed - invert the months - hang on - I’ll update the post.

As for “eveidence” as there’s no certificates or anything - this is just for fun, simply one of the photos taken during the activation could include a picture of the drink being consumed?


I only tent to drink what when activating (SOTA and other programs) but sometimes I wish I had a cup of Coffee with me!!

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I presume that should have been “I only tend to drink water when activating …” - Smartphone auto-correct?

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Half asleep when posting, need that Coffee!

Now, wait a second…I always understood if the operator and the antenna were wobbling in unison, signal strength would magnify exponentially, even in the worst possible conditions, including rolling to the 75’ perimeter!!!

OK, so “must wobble at resonant frequency” … I like it!


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Now, I’ve always found it better to drink temperatures reflecting the seasons. Cool in Winter and warm in summer.
I know this runs counter to survival training, but we’re not is survival mode. That’s a completely different exercise. Cool liquid forces the body to heat the liquid, warm allows the body to reduce efforts.

Will Chasers be able to join in?

Hi John - please read the very first line of my original post:

A fun challenge is to drink the following while activating or chasing a SOTA summit

So yes - this is for Chasers as well as Activators.

In fact for the chasers the Beer, Wine and Sekt option can also be the alchoholic vareity (as long as not overdone).
73 Ed.

Beer makes a great chaser any day!!!

My favorite summit beverage is a cup of warm Good Earth Cinnamon Spice green tea from my thermos (700g) yes! but oh so worth it! …usually consumed with a SOTA “summit sandwich” made freshly that morning of the activation. …often honey smoke black forest ham, swiss cheese, lettuce, avocado slices, red onions, a dash of dark mustard and dill pickle on lightly toasted homemade sour dough! Heavenly tastes while chasers fill the air waves!


Another “challenge”!
Pubs In SummitS


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Ahh, that would be POTA, Pubs on the Air.

In order to get a reasonable number qualifying the prominence rule would need changing. (only for POTA) to say 5 m to include those pubs with a fine view of the sea. :joy:


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Distance from the taps?

We many need to make some detailed measurements Ron!


Hi Compton,

Well if there wasn’t table service 25 m would seem a reasonable measure. I seem to recall it being used elsewhere. It would be uncouth to have to have your elbow on the bar at all times.



Already taken by Parks on the Air …