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the SOTA cluster - see SOTA spots as well as DX

Just in case some of you are not aware… There is a SotaSpot cluster and it works just fine. If you want to know more about how to integrate this cluster into your existing logging program (especially DxLab). I have written up some brief instructions here: https://www.w0cp.com/2019/01/the-sota-cluster-integrating-sota.html

Thanks for making that info available and I’m glad you find it useful. Just one minor correction, SOTAwatch feeds the SOTA cluster rather than the way you have it.

Thanks for the correction, Andy.

I have added the cluster server to another dynamic DNS so we now have two different DNS providers to pick from. Always good to have a backup and it’s in Switzerland so it will work properly.

You can use either name elgur.crabdance.com or the new one, elgur.dyndns24.com, the cluster is still on port 7300 as before.