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the SOTA cluster - see SOTA spots as well as DX

Just in case some of you are not aware… There is a SotaSpot cluster and it works just fine. If you want to know more about how to integrate this cluster into your existing logging program (especially DxLab). I have written up some brief instructions here: https://www.w0cp.com/2019/01/the-sota-cluster-integrating-sota.html

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Thanks for making that info available and I’m glad you find it useful. Just one minor correction, SOTAwatch feeds the SOTA cluster rather than the way you have it.

Thanks for the correction, Andy.

I have added the cluster server to another dynamic DNS so we now have two different DNS providers to pick from. Always good to have a backup and it’s in Switzerland so it will work properly.

You can use either name elgur.crabdance.com or the new one, elgur.dyndns24.com, the cluster is still on port 7300 as before.

Well a new record was set today… the SOTA cluster has been running for 80days non-stop. The only reason it was restarted 80 days ago was after I applied a number of security updates to the server.

Guess what. a load more security updates needed installing which is why I had to restart a few minutes ago.

Sorry for the interruption, normal service should have now been restored.


This is something that has been on the list for a while, that is adding the cluster into the sota domain.

You can now access the SOTA cluster from the following address cluster.sota.org.uk and it still listens on port 7300. It makes sense to be able to access from a *.sota.org.uk address.

This was also made more important as one of the free dynamic DNS I use seems to be blocked by a few companies as some of the customers were spammers/porn merchants.

So the 3 valid addresses you can use (in order of choice)

It’s not a webpage, if you point your browser at this then I think you get a sarcastic message :wink:

I’ve just spotted that company that hosts the cluster server has some planned network maintenance today from 2000Z 28/apr/2020 to 0230Z 29/apr/2020. The notice says to expect 30mins of downtime. I don’t know if that is just the network which will be down during this period or if the servers will be down as well.

Everything should just come up but it may be this doesn’t happen and I have gone to bed. In this case I’ll look at what is happening tomorrow morning.

Fingers crossed for no real issues.

Everything seems to be happy this morning. I never noticed any interruptions myself.

Excellent, Andy. I updated the instructions on the blog with the new address.

There was short outage on the cluster and SMS spotter this evening from 2201Z to 2205Z whilst I installed a number of security updates.

Some stats gathered before I rebooted the server showed it had been running uninterrupted for 395 days and the cluster app had been running for 237.25 days.

If you notice anything odd about either service, let me know.