The invaluable HB9 contribution to SOTA fun in Europe.

I’ve long time wanted to write some lines to highlight and deeply thank to the HB9 hams for their great contribution to the whole SOTA fun in Europe.
There are many, many days with 80% or more of my chasing points coming from HB9 activators. Of course they are blessed with being placed right in the middle of the Alps, but it’s brilliant that there are so many hams activating so many summits on a very regular basis.
I wonder what percentage of the total chaser points collected by the chasers have been provided by HB9 activators… @MM0FMF :wink:

Also, when activating, there’s always a good number of avid chasers in HB9, let alone the HB9 activators calling in for S2S.

Anyway, I just wanted to make public my gratefulness and recognition :clap: :clap: :clap:




A very nice thought Guru :grinning:

73 de Geoff vk3sq

My “ranking” of the countries of origin of chaser points simply based on gut feeling :upside_down_face:

  • OK
  • DM
  • All W
  • HB9
  • All F (F & FL …)
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As you well say Guru, many thanks too

Long way to catch all HB summits

Here my chased activator list :wink:


73, Éric


Also, here’s the HB9 contribution to s2s… out of the top dozen, nearly 60 % are HB9.
Elliott, K6EL

IMG_6281 (1)


By Chaser Logs, about 7.6 % for HB9 and about 8.1% for all HB activators

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Thanks, Andrew, for this data. Is this percentage taken from the total chaser points worldwide?
If so, the percentage for Europe only must be significantly higher.


Ok, it wasn’t just me. My recent chasing as DL/KK0U showed that many days were “HB9 Days” as those were the only stations I worked!

Well done, HB9 folks!

73, Jim KK0U

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Expanding on Andrew’s numbers:

Total number of chases = 4440475, sum of all points chased = 20861831

Total number of chases of HB9/HB3 activators = 389590 sum of all points = 1594349

389390/4440475= 8.8% of all chases are of HB9/HB3 stations

1594349/20861831 = 7.6% of all chaser points earned come from chasing HB9/HB3 activators


I really enjoy chasing HB9 activators. They are polite and clear.

Unfortunately being often within my HF skip zone most times I cannot hear them, so it’s a pleasure reserved for me when the skip is short.

Always a pleasure when they are there though!

73 Ed.

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Same here sometimes, particularly on 60, 40 and 20m, but it’s a pleasure on 30m because they are nearly always very clear and easy to chase. No wonder that’s CW territory! :slight_smile:

I’ll also add my thanks :blush:

When I was first starting with CW activations I was often called by Jürg HB9BIN, he was always really patient with me as I struggled away at 10wpm.

In the last ten years my CW confidence has grown so I can at least function to some degree, although I’ll never be a CW master. I think HB9 must surely be my top chased association, many of those contacts being S2S, where I’m not actually the one doing the chasing.



It is absolutely true !
Chapeau bas for HB9 team !

73, Jarek


ONLY in Region 1 & 2 - Not in Region 3! 30m is a lovely band for SSB and CW in Australia!

73 Ed.


You could even further analyse to how much HB9 callsigns all those HB9 activations can be credited:
My guess about 5 to 10 who make out the majority of activations in HB9
OE? they have a comparatible amount of mountains but less activations?
Patrick ON4BCA


Hi Guru

Thanks for your kind words. It is easier to do so if you have a great collection of summits, a well compartimented home country with close summits everywhere and a good community of activators keeping the engine running - here or abroad, from here or to you all. Finally this bundle touches the ways of making or keeping you happy. SOTA is great for that!

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


Hi Guru

Thank you for your kind words. It’s true: We are better in SOTA than in soccer hi!

Last year HB9SOTA started a project to find SOTA summits in HBFF parks. When we started this project, we found 266 SOTA summits in 23 parks. Now we have 394 SOTA summits in 100 HBFF parks. We are in the process for applying another 50 parks and simplifying the rules for HBFF. One can find these Summits and HBFF here Gipfel in HBFF-Gebieten – HB9SOTA . So still something new from HB9, but simply on the other side of the garden fence.

73 de HB9BIN, Juerg, President of HB9SOTA


This is mainly what I meant:


Hi Juerg,

You win France in Europa Football cup :clap: :+1:

For Sota, HB is in the first group but we must not forget the OE’s

I worked
OE summits : 591
HB summits : 429 (include HB0)
I think this aspect will be the subject of another post !
In any case as I said it is a real pleasure to chase these activators in their beautiful and difficult peaks ! :yum:

73 QRO, Éric


Looking at this, it’s clear that the HB9 contribution is not only to SOTA fun, but also to SOTA funds… :+1: