PFR-3 Transceiver Auction

Once more Paul HB9DST is donating a portable transceiver towards SOTA funds. This is the second time Paul has done this. Last we tried a secret sealed bid auction and now we are selling via eBay.

The auction is open to anyone not just SOTA chasers/activators. All the proceeds will go into SOTA funds to help pay for the services.

The link to the sale is: Note this is to the Swiss eBay site. That item number will be found on your own local eBay site such as etc.

Once more thanks to Paul for not only donating the equipment but for also handling the actual sale.


This auction was recently completed and the rig has today been dispatched. The highest bidder – after a small bidding war among three interested parties – was one of Poland’s busy activators, Marcin SQ9OZM, who is very close to being a 2x Mountain Goat.

His bid of CHF 207.00 (roughly $US 225) will be sent to the SOTA Management Team to help cover the costs of operating the program.

A note to those who did not participate in the auction: you can also make a contribution of whatever size to help SOTA keep running. Go to the SOTA Donations Page. Every little bit helps!


Happy to report that the rig arrived to my door just in time to be taken along for the 9th SOTA SP meetup, which took place October 8th to 10th on the slopes of SP/BZ-034. On the way there I activated SP/BZ-065 using the PFR-3 and a trapped end-fed for 40, 30 and 20m, logging 10 CW contacts across 3 bands. I am very happy with my new acquisition and grateful to the previous rig owner for taking good care of it and for donating it to SOTA cause, allowing me to contribute to the SOTA program.


Many thanks to Paul for his donation of the proceeds of this auction to SOTA funds. This is not the first time he has sold-off radios on behalf of SOTA and the generous donation is really appreciated.

Barry GM4TOE
obo SOTA Management Team