The Brasher Lite's are coming out of Retirement

Following on from the disastrous couple of planned activations recently, and after thinking more about planning, including weight reduction of the equipment, along with how and why and all other things considered, Our Brasher Walking Boots have been polished and NikWaxed. Now using FT818ND with LiPo Batteries (instead of FT897 and 12ah Slab) and lightweight antennas, we will be making a concerted effort to achieve 3 summits in G-LD Land from Tuesday thro to Friday next week. I have cancelled my Alerts as the WX is changeable I will decide where and when on the morning then alert and spot as the day progresses.

Also I would like to know what others choose for Essential Footwear up any summit? I think this may have been asked on the Old Reflector, but nice to see what other people think for footwear these days?

Hope to catch some on 23cm’s, 144-ssb and 70MHz???

Tony De G1JPV

Footwear has got to be down to the individual for fit, comfort and support no matter what the recommendation. Both Neil and I struggle to find boots that are right for our feet. Last time it was Meindls that suited us both and the current ones are Scarpa but even in Scarpa there was only 1 model that suited us - SL Active for Neil and Delta GTX Active for me. They aren’t cheap but for us they are worth every penny. Very comfortable, good grip (although wearing a bit now) and feet remain dry despite bog/water over the ankle several times! We would certainly try Scarpa again or maybe Altberg for fit.

Karen 2E0XYL and Neil 2E0TDX

Hi Tony

The boots I use are Scarpa Terra GTX (Gortex lined with Vibram soles). I wear them with thin socks and then waterproof socks. Finished off with Rab gaiters. Hundreds of activations with no wet feet. I put a lot of trust in the Vibram soles and they have served me well. That’s my personal preference, others will differ :smiley:.

73 Allan

I struggle to find boots that fit my feet, so I’m always dreading the day when I need to buy new boots. I also dislike shoe shopping in general. At least it’s a good reminder to look after the current pair! :slight_smile:

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Blundstone Hikers. Flinders model are my SOTA boots had them 8 years with about 150km average hiking per SOTA season. Unfortunately they don’t make that model anymore but I think they will be good for a few more years, I am more worried about my body wearing out HI.
vk5cz …

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Really impressed with Alt-Berg boots which are both robust and comfortable. Spent some considerable time trying to find a pair of boots for my son last year in Keswick - most shops were selling the same stuff and really were just after a quick sale, Rathbones spent over an hour trying different combinations before finding the right ones. ( As well as doing his D of E he also earns money Grouse Beating which is usually a soggy experience ) His have been brilliant - so when I needed a pair it was a bit easier. Mine have been equally good. 73 Paul

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They also come in an enormous range of sizes and widths - had mine for quite some time and swear by them (a bit heavy for warm weather use though)

The width size range is what I noticed about them. Also the relatively new Craigdon Mountain Sports Shop in Edinburgh stocks them unlike the other mountain shops. Considering they’re a small supplier the price is not that much more than mass produced brands like Meindl/Scarpa etc.

Thanks to all who replied to my thread, it shows just how wide a choice of makes and styles and materials used. I wasn’t looking for any recommendations, just wanted to see what other people used. The Boot’s in the picture were brand new on my first activation of RawHead, when it was a Marilyn. Both pairs have been up every SOTA,WOTA and HEMA that we have activated, I hope they will last till I officially retire from Hill Walking, they are still in relatively good condition, due to always using nikwax after each outing.

73 Tony

Hi Tony,

Just to add a comment, I find Scarpa good. I bought a pair about 10 years ago which are still comfortable and waterproof, but the Vibram soles have worn through in a few places, after an estimated 1000 miles or so. My shoes and boots do seem to suffer that way, maybe I have a silly walk :smirk:

I’ve since replaced them with a similar pair, and some nice leather ones for winter. I tried them at the start of this year and no numb toes, so looking good!

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Well “The Brasher’s” Did us proud this afternoon on G/LD-046, it was a boggy walk from the gate right to AZ. “The so called Waterproof Coat” on the other hand!!

My Feet were dry when we got to hotel and I removed the Boots. The jacket, weighs about 3 pound more as it soaked up the torrential downpour just as I got number 4 in the log. we arrived at the hotel in Kendal, like 2 drowned rats, but still laughing about it all. Roll on tomorrow 73 Tony & Elaine

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