"The association you gave is not valid"--???

I’m trying to add an alert for tomorrow and I get the above message after entering “W9/WI-017” for Platte Mound in Wisconsin, USA.

I didn’t get the memo – is W(/WI no longer a valid association? :wink:

Alert process fails also on sota3 but no error message to suggest why.

I will post a separate message with activation details in the meantime…

73 Paula k9ir

Alert accepted on SW3. Not sure what the difference was. I logged out of SW2 first; maybe that was the magic.

73 Paula k9ir

Thanks Paula !
Had the same problem , and your tip worked for me (log off SW2, log on SW3).
Just have entered 22 alerts for my trip to the Hamradio in Friedrichshafen.

SW2 is having problems seeing the old server that has the summits and associations info. SW3 uses the new server.

Use SW3 because SW2 will be retiring soon and spending its days in the Sunnylands Home for Elderly Software :slight_smile:

Seriously, use SW3 please.

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The Sota Dinner is on Friday. Your alert suggests it is on Thursday.

73 Joe

Hi Joe,
Thanks for noticing, corrected now

Will do, tnx.Only logged into SW3 now.

73 Paula k9ir

Ok, I have hacked a fix on SOTAwatch2 and Spotlite to allow posting of spots. (Posting Alerts still seems to be an issue).

The very ancient, hacked to death, thick with technical debt code has not survived well the transition to the new database & associated problems with version 1 of the API.

Please see this as a temporary reprieve. I will probably now retire both Spotlite and SW2 faster than I had originally intended. I strongly recommend everyone now switches to SW3.

I am very sorry about the disruption of the last few days. I had not seen the SW2/Spotlite problems coming and it coincided with me having no time due to work engagements. And the downtime yesterday was an unrelated hosting problem.

Hi Jon,

We have been in contact recently and after yesterdays call to change to the new SW3 API I will need to change my SMS2Sotawatch OE Spotting service asap.
I have messaged Andy already regarding his Python code snippets.

73 de Joe

Thanks Joe, we’re here to help get you moved across.

Okay thanks for the support. I will contact you via the reflector message system.

Just a word of thanks for all the time and effort that goes into maintaining the excellent SOTA support systems. I published a SOTA article earlier this year that touched on the various tools we have (summits, database, mapping, log uploads, etc.). A ham friend was blown away by all the neat software created to document summits, track our progress, etc. Now enjoying SW3!

73 Paula k9ir


Thank you on behalf of all the people working on the systems. I’ll not name them because then I cannot forget anyone.

Hello Paula,
Where can I find your published SOTA article? Would it be possible to reprint with attribution un the Pacific Northwest SOTA Newsletter?
Thanks, Etienne-K7ATN

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Hi Etienne,

CW Ops published the article I mentioned in its March 2019 newsletter; see Newsletter – CWops to access it.

I have no problem republishing it with appropriate attribution, but suggest you also check with Tim K9WX, who is the editor/publisher of the CW Ops newsletter.

Or you could simply redirect folks to the link above ;-).

73 Paula k9ir