The access to F/JU-048 La Tête des Mineurs

Hi to all,
Care must be taken when access to F/JU-048, the signalisation has changed : At the end of the village of “Riervescemont”, from the parking place, there are two mountain passes; “le col du chat” and “le col des sept chemins”. The right one is “le col des sept chemins” to access to the summit. But on the IGN Map the new signalisation is not updated. Please, don’t take the way indicated by the yellow circle, but by the new red triangle. When not, you access to the “col du chat” ! You can not reach the “col des sept chemins” from there, because the way is blocked probably for a security reason.
To coming back ( hopefully after a successfull acivation ! ) , follow only the “red triangle” signalisation going the the parking.
Have a nice trip and courtesy, F6GLZ Jean ( Claude ).



Thanks Ed for pasting this info to the respective summit page for F/JU-048. I don’t think that anyone will check out the Reflector for such info but certainly the summit page. :wink:

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ