Thank you for the new way to log a chase!

I couldn’t find a topic about this. I’m sure I must have missed it. But thank you so much to the SOTA team for implementing the ability to log a chase directly from the SOTAWATCH page!

73, N4HNH


Hi Doug @N4HNH
here you have all news Updates to SOTAWatch3
73 Eric

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That IS nice! If you log right away, it eliminates the chance of making a logging mistake.

Andy, N4LAG

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Exactly Andy! I also log in Ham Radio Deluxe, and once I am sure I have made the contact, I click to log directly in SOTAWATCH. I might have to subtract 1 minute, but it allows me to type in the time, just in case. 73, Doug

Yes…Thanks much for the new feature. Works Great. Like Andy stated…it makes for mistake free logging. I just make 2 mouse clicks during the QSO and it’s done. As my granddaughter says…Easy Peezy-Lemon Squeezy…
Tim - K5DEZ

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Wow! This is a FB time saver; it’s quick to log a chase and it is so accurate that I will not need to check my log for accuracy, going forward. Nice work!!

73 de Woody K1LB

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This is a very neat feature.

How are folks importing QSOs logged this way into their logbook of record? Is there a way to export from the SOTA chase log only those QSOs for a certain period, e.g., today? I don’t see any option other than downloading my entire chase log.

If not, I’ll just continue to use the SOTA CSV editor to enter my chased summits. From there I can generate a .csv file for import to the SOTA database, and a .adi file for import into my logging program.

73 Paula k9ir

Hi Paula, @K9IR
You can use the Log Spot on SW3 and when the windows Log chase is open, add the exchanged report on the comments, when you open your chaser log on >

and after you can go to your log and you can examine it.

Log spot 3

You can see yours chaser report :dizzy_face:

After that go again here

Log spot 4 and you can download your log (sorry it’s the complete) open it with your favorite editor and after choosing the right period save it and you can put the log on your logger. Yes it’s in .CSV but many logger can support this.
I hope can helped you Paula
73 Éric

Thanks for the reply, Eric. It is helpful in that it confirms that my only option for importing the QSOs into my logbook of record is to download the entire chaser log from the SOTA database, and then delete all but the entries I need to import. That’s a bit cumbersome, and will only get more so the more I chase ;-).

I suppose I could do less frequent, e.g., quarterly, updates to my logbook from SOTA chases, and limit the number of times I need to download and edit the entire chaser log. I also could open the resulting edited .csv file in SOTA .csv editor and and export the file as a .ADI for upload to my logbook – as I do now. But this approach requires me to track where I left off so I don’t omit or duplicate any QSOs.

Not sure whether either approach is less work, so for now I think I’ll stick with my current workflow for logging SOTA chase QSOs. Tnx agn for the input!

73 Paula k9ir

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