Tablet for radio play

I’m thinking of getting a tablet but am unsure on 1 thing. Windows tablet or android tablet. Both have psk apps available and logging etc but which one for general radio play/logging psk on sota possibly and occasional checking of sota spots and reflector.
I’m only getting a 7 or 8 inch tablet and I think the Tesco hudl 2 is my max price.
Any ideas or advise welcome.

I was looking at something similar Tony. Whilst sitting in the dentist’s last week I was reading an article in Which? that ranked the Hudle best value (IIRC). However I’ve decided to try the app on my phone at first just to avoid buying yet more kit.
I look forward to reading others’ opinions

Nexus 7 Gen2. This is still supported and gets updates from Google directly.

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Hudl 1 certainly, and I’d bet Hudl 2, in common with the vast majority of Android tablets, does not have any provision for audio input other than the microphone. Hudl 1 doesn’t even support bluetooth profiles to get audio in this way.

Fortunately phones support wired hands-free sets - although from the number of cyclists I see bombing along using their phones hand-held you might not believe this!


Manchester :smile:


Definitely make sure that it has a microphone connection along with an earpiece one, if you’re going to use it for digi type things. I believe the original nexus ones only had connection for earpieces.

I picked up one of the cheap windows8 ones last year, and it’s performance is quite dire to be honest (especially if you add anti virus as well)

Some of the older Samsung ones need to be taken apart if you let them run completely flat :frowning: Pretty scary taking sharp knives to your tablet screen, just to unplug the battery and plug it back in again, just to be able to charge it!

Anyone had experience with the windows linx 7 tablet?

I have a similar model, same amount of CPU power and display, less RAM and Flash. It is an interesting toy and worth the money spent to play with. Is it viable as a replacement for an original Nexus 7 tablet? No.

Buy one to experiment. Buy a full spec Android tablet or an iPad to actually use day to day.

Yes… Nexus 7 Gen 2 is worthy of the investment. I’ve found cheaper Android tablets struggle to do anything useful. Nexus gen 1 has only audio output on the connector - no wired audio input.

Having 4 connections for mic/speaker is needed if you want less-hassle PSK.

I have a logging app written primarily for SOTA that I use every activation and chase.

VK port-a-log | VK3ZPF Ham Radio Blog has the details.

Hi Anthony, you may want to search the reflector as I’m sure this has been discussed before. Echoing what others have said, make sure the tablet has the capability of using an external mic otherwise a direct interface from the rig will not be possible ( I would not consider Bluetooth as an option ).
I have a. ASUS memo 7 inch Android tablet that I have sent psk from on a summit but I hit the problem of not being able to see the screen in the bright Australian sunlight - less of a problem in the UK I suspect.
Windows or Android? I think there are SOTA users of the linx Windows tablet in Australia and the UK but I feel more people use Android based tablets. Both options are good.
For software and interface I use products from Wolphi.

73 Ed.

Yes I have one and it works fine with all Windows software

Hi Ed,

No it has been rumoured that we do see a yellow thing from time-to-time in the UK.

And as to trying to see the screen on your phone, tablet etc, I use my skipped base ball cap to nestle the unit in using the skip to adjust the level of sunshine hitting the screen. Though I do suffer from a side effect being folically challenged :worried:

73 (sure I saw that big yellow thing again - go fleeting by?) Jack(;>J

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Hi Jack,
Waht is a “skipped” baseball cap, as opposed to just a Baseball cap? Sounds like it might be a good idea for a smart phone - but I would have thought a tablet (even a 7" one) might be too big?