SWL Log - strange entries

When I look into the SWL Log on my SOTAData page I find some strange entries of stations and summits I’ve never worked:

Furthermore I’m unable to delete these. Am I doing something wrong or might this be a bug in the database?


I have the exact same entries. I have never logged a SWL.

I have the same as well, and I don’t use those modes.

Exactly the same entries for me too; and I’ve never logged any SWL entries. In fact I’ve never even bothered looking until just now.

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Yup I never checked till now either.

Yep, very strange, I have the same callsigns etc as Phillip!


Thanks for the report. There are some SWL log records in the DB with a bad user ID. We will get it sorted, have no fear =)


Hmmm. I do engage in the SWL section of SOTA, but don’t seem to be in receipt of these free points. I feel snubbed…


The fact that you have entered SWL logs is exactly why you don’t see these records. Only people who have never entered SWL logs will see these. Once we determine how it happened, we will clean it up.

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