SWL asking for eQSL

I’ve had an email from an SWL listener listing 3 QSOs I’ve had and asking for eQSL confirmation. He says “my QSL’s are in your inBox”. Well if they are there, I can’t see them.

I have an eQSL a/c but to be quite honest I haven’t used it much so I’m not too familiar with it. (I have posted the same question on eQSL forum but no answer/s yet) . So do eQsls come into your eQsl ‘in’ box the same way?

How do others respond to requests/confirmations etc., from SWL listeners?

What do you do if you do not use eQSL?

Dave P.
Robin Hood’s Bay

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In my case David I am registered for LoTW - the ARRLs Logbook Of The World for DXCC which links in well with original paper QSLs for DXCC claims which go back to the decades in ham radio before computers and electronic QSLing. I also upload my log in real time via my logging program to Clublog, so as I log a contact on my own PC it is also logged directly into Clublog. On SOTA activations I log on paper and then re-enter contacts via SAISIE SOTA when I get back indoors, and then upload those contacts en-bloc to LoTW and Clublog. These electronic mediums are widely used. Clublog is administered by G7VJR with support from others. eQSL I always considered worthless with contacts said to be not always genuinely authenticated. The ARRL do not recognise it for DXCC Awards. I have steered clear of it. Search on Google for info on LoTW and Clublog. Neither cater for short wave listeners though.
73 Phil

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If there not in your in box you can’t reply.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Was you Portable at time of him hearing your contacts or at home as i use my call and /P set ups under 2 different accounts. For me may have sent them call sign/P.

End of day your choice if you wish to reply or not and also said party should not demand.

I get a few ISWL Eqsl’s, but must state time date freq and station I was talking to at time. For i do reply provided certain things are met. They got to know that NOT all hams with return Eqsl but some of us do.

Karl 2E0FEH

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This modern electronic QSLing is rubbish. At one time you got unsolicited QSLs in the mail and you could bin the card and keep the cash (normally $1 US). Now what do you get? Nothing but emails and notifications. There’s no money to keep and all the fun has been taken out of not replying. Booo!


Hi Dave,
if you have an EQSL account it should be no problem to answer the SWL-QSL. Just watch in your INBOX and answer the card. I always answer SWL-QSLs first, it doesn`t matter if eqsl, bureau or direct, just part of ham-spirit.
Vy73 de Fritz HB9CSA (DL4FDM)

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Just to clarify. I cannot see any eQSL’s from an SWL - the eQSL’s I’ve had, and that were in my ‘in’ box were from normal QSOs with other hams with callsigns…

Do the eQsl’s from SWL go somewhere else?

Not am aware of


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They are in the same box as for licensed hams and mention your QSO with another operator which you can confirm.
Vy73 de Fritz HB9CSA_cfimg4637047555164103886

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hi you should make a new call /p in the e-qsl program here you will find the qsl for portable contacts like i have oe6gnd/p ,ha/oe6gnd/p ,s5/oe6gnd/p etc you must make for every of this calls a extra in e-qsl…

73 de gerhard

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Hi Dave,

I had on quite a few occasions last year this SWLer send me eQSLs and then emailing me asking for me to send eQSLs back to him and each time I’ve gone onto my EQSL to send an EQSL back to him. I don’t check my eQSL often and I have loads of eQSLs on there for QSOs made within around the last 6 years. No one has ever emailed me asking for EQSL back accept for this SWLer who emailed me a few times last year asking for eQSLs back. I think this SWLer who has been emailing you Dave is the same one that has been emailing me.

Jimmy M0HGY


Thanks everyone. Useful information tks.

Dave P M6GYU 73 +

Look under M6GYU/p.
3 eQSL from SWL in Ukraine.

Jim, G3ZQQ


I didn’t think I had a M6GYU/P account - I’ll have to look and sort that out. Thanks Jim.

33 eQSL in there.

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I had forgotten = I have just discovered I do have an M6GYU/P. a/c as well What a plonker I’ve been! I’d not noticed or remembered because It automatically logs me in to my M6GYU account.

Looking in the wrong place. Thank you gentlemen, I’ve just discovered the QSL’s waiting to be answered.

Sorry about that. My humble grovelling apologies to you all! :confounded:

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If there’s no green stamps on offer, delete them, it’s what I’d do. :slight_smile:

It’s people like you …



I’m exhuming this dead thread because I’ve just had a SWL in Ukraine email asking for eQSLs related to SOTA activations. :slight_smile:
This prompted me to dig out my EQSL account where I’ve discovered there are hundreds of eQSLs waiting for me, and remain waiting they will as eQSLs from what I’ve seen don’t easily work with SOTA as you have to create a new QTH for each new activation plus of course different callsigns when operating outside the UK. Guru put a lot of effort into it I think but I do LOTW and have to create a new QTH in that for each activation and add callsigns so I’m not doing it all again on another site.

But there were only 5 QSOs on the SWL’s list so I’ve sent them off. I probably haven’t done it correctly but I’ve tried.


You don’t need to do that. It probably depends on your logging programs but I don’t create new LOTW locations for each summit. I enter my log into FLE setting the SOTA summit and locator. Save ADIF, import into Log4OM and then upload to LOTW.


Nancy Reagan (xyl of US President Reagan) just isn’t someone you’d associate directly with amateur radio. But strangely enough Nancy Reagan has the best advice on what to do if someone asks you for a QSL card (by post or electronically).

Just say no.

Then delete the request. We need to remember this hobby is amateur radio, not sending and collecting postcards (or electronic facsimiles of them.)