Summits not logged!

Just logged my activation from yesterday on the DB and had a look through my logs. Noticed a summit or 2 not listed. I wondered if I had dreamt it but then found a post on the reflector where I said I activated Robinson in May 2017 but the activation isn’t on my DB. I also found the same year little mell fell (2017) isn’t on my list of activated summits either .
I very much doubt I’ll find the paper logs for those to add them.
I must remember to log the activations sooner. That’s about 9 points gone due to me being silly. Unless the DB lost them but I highly doubt that lol.
Oh well. I’ll have to do them again!

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If you know the dates, enter a “stooge activation” for yourself on that summit on that date - one invented QSO on any band/mode! Then use the “Show who logged me” option, which MAY return enough QSOs for you to get your points…

(Don’t forget to delete the stooge activation afterwards of course!)


that might be why i never logged it. It shows only 3 people chased me.

No, it shows only 3 people LOGGED the contact on the SOTA Database. Chances are there’s one or two more that worked you, and it was a qualifying activation - but I can’t help you with finding those!

In any case, log the activation now properly with the good data you have. Most of us still log activations with <4 QSOs. Scores the “Unique” even if not the points.

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yeah i’ll get it logged. But now coming to think of it i might not have gotton more than 3. I think it was as struggle to get 2m activated on that summit that day. Guess i’ll never know unless i find a random log somewhere lol.

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I worked you on both Robinson and Little Mell Fell back in 2017. The details are as follows:-

LD-021 Robinson 12th May 2017 G4WHA/A 1420hrs

LD-037 Little Mell Fell 14th May 2017 GM4WHA 0758hrs.

Hope this is of help.

73’s Geoff