Summits not displayed

Currently no summits can be displayed for many countries and there is always the
error "undefined index: OE/XX-XXX in /var/ww/api/smp/index on line 440>/b>

Does anyone know what’s going on?

73, Sylvia

On Sotamaps I guess? I guess a similar problem like two or three days ago. Database (for SMP) was not synced completly from the main database.

Should automatically happen over midnight as far as I know

73 Joe

PS: Thanks for the S2S today. Was hoping that you manage the complete to Schoberspitze.


Another possible problem since the DB GUI change. When I click on the summit name at the top of the pop-up summit information box in SMP, I do not get taken to the Summit info page but rather my data page:

Or - the database home page if I’m not logged in.

I get the same effect if I click on a summit reference in text on the reflector - such as below:

Could this be (perhaps) related to the changed URL location of the summits information?

73 Ed.

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Works for me. You should get redirected to the sotadata summit page now. If not, then check your DNS from a commandline with something like “nslookup” and tell me what you see.

It did not fix overnight. I have created a “Contact SOTA MT” notice.

Hi Joe,

I re-ran the sync at about 2300 UTC and while doing that fixed the timeout issue. It’s been working fine for the past 6-8 hours, and I can see the regular sync completed as per usual.

Then there is another problem:
LA/SA region:

Hi Andrew,
Here you go:
Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19045.2846]
(c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Server: speedport.ip
Address: fe80::1

Non-authoritative answer:
Addresses: 2a05:d014:275:cb01::c8


73 Ed.
P.S. I just cleared the webpage cache for SMP - Ctrl+F5 and repeated my test - no change, unfortunately.

and ipconfig /displaydns ?

That’s a long one - I’ll send you it via PM

When I tried it yesterday I saw that it applied to quite a number of countries…

Yes, unrelated to the sync. Not sure why it’s suddenly occured - but I’ve put some extra checks around the lookup.

Error is gone but loading times for a region with many summits is sometime 10 seconds or more. Is something consuming resources on the SMP server?

That query is backing onto the main DB, so there maybe some contention there.

For those using Edge (or possibly also Chrome) - if the summit links are not working you need to clear the browser history via the properties, clearing just the DNS cache does not suffice.
Firefox does not appear to have this issue.

Thanks to Andrew for his help in tracking this down.

73 Ed.

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There is another issue that may or may not be related. When trying to log tracks on the mapping page, many summits are not displayed. For example, for VE6/HC-392, I can’t find the summit. The list displayed for the “HC” region will only display up to HC-261 so there are over 100 summits that will not be displayed in order to add a track.

Yes, Paul, you’re right - the SMP database summits table, which the SMP tracks page (and activations page) is still using, has no summits in VE6/HC beyond VE6/HC-261. This is an issue for Andrew @VK3ARR to fix.

Cheers, Rob

This should be fixed now. Moral of the story is not to push changes at 2am.


Andrew - yep, that appears to have fixed it


Thanks guys, that did the trick!


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