Summits in Tuscany?

My family and I are visiting the Tuscany region of Italy in mid June and I hope to sneak away from the pack to activate at least one summit. Or maybe there is a summit that some of my family might join me on. If you have experience there, please make a suggestion. It could be a drive up or a hike. Thanks!
Scott NZ4R


Hi Scott,
I visited Tuscany some times, only ones I activated some summits. that time I visited Chianti area and Val d’Orcia. really beautiful landscapes. In June the temperature can be high. near Chianti I/TO-101 Easy trekking on large path with parking and hut abt 1km from the top reacheble with a Easy dirt road. I/TO-109 Is a wild summit without a good track, I climbed in the wood. the other summits that I activated are in Val d’Orcia I/TO-169 you can reach It by car on a dirt road, near Bagno Vignoni and San Quirico a Villages that you must visit! I/TO-124 Easy Path on the wood that start near a monastery Eremo La Maddalena. the last summit that I activated is I/TO-099 for a fee medieval area . Monte Amiata I/LO-010 Is a easy touristic summit, an extinct vulcano. Many tipical Village were built on a top of the Hills I/TO-161 Volterra. where are you going to spend your holiday? backcountry or near sea

Roberto iw2obx

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Where are you exactly?

I have activated some Summits there. If you have specific questions, feel free to contact me.

Otherwise you can get a lot of information from

73 Armin


Thanks very much Roberto for all those suggestions. I will study them all.
Scott nz4r

Thanks Armin. I have been looking at a radius around Biblienna on Sotlas. Since I will be with a group I may not have the luxury of a long hike. So if you know of a short hike that my companions might join me for, please advise. Thanks!
Scott nz4r

You must visit:
Panoramic Road from Arbia to Asciano ( strada provinciale Lauretana)
Crete senesi
San Quirico d’Orcia
Bagno Vignoni

Thanks Roberto. I have plotted them on Google Maps. Scott

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