SOTA and Sangiovese in Siena

Actually, it’s amazing… ok - the number of regional SOTA activists is probably close to zero - but still: I would have expected that with the tourism in Tuscany a few ham would be there and the Summits would be activated at least for the most part.

From the beginning: About 2 years ago I bought a stay of several days in a hotel in Siena on Ebay for a very reasonable price. The voucher was valid for three years and finally had to be redeemed. Of course, I have previously looked at, whether there are summits in the area.
With the exception of the summits I/TO-161 and I/TO-010 nothing had ever been activated. That made me wonder. Are these on private property and you can’t get to them? Why have they never been activated? I wanted to try!

There was then a deal: I am patient with her shopping… and she lets me on the summits, for a short time… :wink:

I then picked out summits that were a visit destination anyway like I/TO-010 :

Where it has a cafe on the summit and you can activate while drinking a cappuchino.

The other were on the route.

All summits were easy to reach. They are usually located in the middle of a sparse oak forest. Only on I/TO-169 one had a view :

Of course, our focus was more on culture and culinary. For travelers still quickly a tip. In San Gimignano there is a fortress at the top. There is next door the possibility to test different Vernacchia. You buy a card and let the wines of your choice into the glass… and test with a wonderful view.

Our favorite:

So why not SOTA in Tuscany ? :smiling_face:

73 Armin

… and now I can run the pounds off again on the local mountains. :smile:


I think the scenery, wine and food are too much of a distraction in that area.

I took this photo of I/TO-010 the last time I was there, but that was pre-SOTA.

You have given me ideas!


Hello Armin @DL6GCA.

Thank you for your SOTA holiday report. You had a great time. Congratulations on the many first time activations. A beautiful area there :+1:
And of course good luck dropping pounds back home :smile:

73 Marcel DM3FAM

Fantastic report, can be the start of “Sota & Wine in Italy” tour :slight_smile:

73 de IW0HK Andrea


Hi Armin,

There are lots of un-activated summits in Italy so… all the more reason to visit there more often! I now wish I had a chilled bottle of the local Trebbiano with me when I activated I/LZ-1161 last year. Maybe next time.

73, Lea M0XPO


for the next two weeks, my family and I will stay near Siena, I hope to activate some summits in this area. thanks Armin for PM info.
See you soon!