Success of SOTA?

SOTA victim of his success ? Many QSO impossible to realize !
This evening, I abandon! There are also the other things to be seen and to be made in the life. And it is short! Hi!
Good luck, and especially good courage to all.
73 QRO,
Andy F5AKL

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Hello Andre
I never do a qso during week-end. It is a zoo.
Best 73 and see you in next sota.
Andre - f5ukl

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Hi Andy.

I agree that SOTA on 7 MHz CW today was not a pleasure. The number of chasers has steadily increased week by week and today saw a very undisciplined howling mob surround every activator. The big pile-up’s attracted big idiots, with deliberate QRM and tuners. Mind you, some of the pile ups generated around 7032 were not SOTA but callers desperate to contact a VK9 DX station listening up.

It was impossible to make contact with many SOTA activators and I too switched off and took time away to clear my head. I agree with Andre, perhaps it will return to normal during weekdays.

73 Roy G4SSH

I cannot imagine how difficult it must be for the activator to recognise the different calls.

I think I would give up in CW at least.

It sometimes gets overcrowded and lack of discipline is growing by the minute.

Patience and respect are the key words here.


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Phone isn’t much better, with people calling over the top of the activator, calling on top of the chaser, tailending the pileup to an excessive length, tuning up on the frequency, and generally acting like an undisciplined mob. But that’s life today, and imagine what it will be like when SOTA has spread all around the world! Perhaps we need to abandon the recognised frequencies that most of us use, and dare I say, stop using alerts!

It might be cold comfort when faced with a baying pack, but SOTA is now getting the enthusiasm from chasers that was previously the preserve of a rare DX entity or IOTA, made worse by the fact that chasers know the activator won’t be around for long so they can’t afford to hold back and wait for the turmoil to die down!


Brian G8ADD

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Hello all
Y agree!! today it was the chaos!
Many activeurs, the VK9, and also à contest!
Y have also hears many tune and volontary qrm!
Congratulation to the activeurs! who come to hear the indicative in such a noise!
By Brian, there are some activator still long enough on the site, which allowed me to make one or two SOTA in calm and in good conditions
There will be more quiet day, fortunately
because for me this activity must above all be fun!

73’s QRO for all

In reply to F5NEP et al:

I suspect that all the discussions on here, like those in the DXCC forums, will not have much effect. That is how things are and is a reflection of how society has degraded. These conditions are all I have known since coming back to the hobby recently. Should I bemoan the 56 chaser points lost today or rejoice in the 63 I got, together with a TT8, VK4, BW3 and 5N which I hooked whilst taking respite from the hiatus on 40m, and look forward to VK9, 9L and TY5 to try tomorrow. I guess its all a question of perspective, 100 watts and a dipole !!

Good luck all

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sorry I had to abandon you in the middle of our QSO today from EW-12 but it was impossible for me to continue with another station suddenly taking the frequency and starting QSOs there.


Gerd, DF9TS.

On thursday as an experiment (which I always try to do on activations), I tried running a full 400w into a dipole @ 10m from Wendover Woods G/CE-005(ft817, amp + 100ah battery - portable for short distances).

This was partially to see if it would help me keep a clear frequency and partially to test the insulators on the link dipole (they eventually melted).

I was forced off frequency twice on 40m ssb, once by a station that started talking 0.5Khz above me. I was getting S9+ reports, so he must have been very deaf. So its no better in the week or with lots of power on 40m !.

Hopefully it will all improve when broadcasters exit 40m next year.

Nigel. G6SFP.

In reply to all:
Hello to everybody.
OK with your various comments. As we say here: " il faut faire avec ! " (it is necessary to make with !). What saddens me more, it is to know that the minority of imbeciles who annoy the majority, it is not kids, but men who are maybe respectable once went out of their shack!!
Peter, ON3WAB, says:
"I cannot imagine how difficult it must be for the activator to recognise the different calls."
Not you inquitez not! I TOO ! Hi ! !
I am going to realize it certainly even tomorrow on Sunday. I intend to go to activate some F / NO. The decision will be taken only tomorrow morning at the time of the departure.
It will also be a day " picnic " with XYL and Jessy (my small bitch, as Maya of F5LKW).
In the pleasure, maybe, if I manage to hear and understand you. :slight_smile:
73 QRO to all,
Andy F5AKL

In reply to DF9TS:

Gerd, very nice of you to apologise but I completely understood. Catch you on your next SOTA.
Best wishes.

Success of SOTA? I recall when Gary G0HJQ changed the Database feature to show the 50 most recently activated summits, rather than the 20 most recent, to reflect the much greater-than-anticipated activity levels! First thing this morning, I looked at this page, to find that the 50 most recently activated summits - were all yesterday! I can’t think of a way to directly extract the total number of activations for yesterday - probably in excess of 60, or for this weekend, probably over 100, but some stats will appear in Roy’s November SOTA news that show the ever growing numbers of activator QSOs, both in the UK and worldwide.

One thing is for sure. There is certainly a correlation between activity and weather. Yesterday’s uncharacteristically good weather inspired uncharacteristically high activity for October!


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Dont you just love the translation engines, I am still wiping coffee from my PC monitor, and when I am finished I must go an see what my bitch is up to.

Couldnt resist !!!

Andy désolé mais c’est votre traduction qui me fait rire, mais rien mal, son juste l’humour anglais.


In reply to M0LMP:

Perhaps your sense of humour is too far out for the rest of us Lee. Bitch seems an appropriate word to me for a small female dog. Maybe you misunderstood?

73 de Les, G3VQO

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Could be that Les, but couldnt it also be that you dont have a sense of humour and thus dont understand the joke ??


In reply to M0LMP:

You have to be careful, Lee, there is no such thing as a universal sense of humour, and one man’s joke can be another man’s deadly insult. I hope the coffee didn’t cause any lasting damage!


Brian G8ADD

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Dear friends,

Well, you know, it’s rather difficult for us to say what we feel, and what we think in a good English. I know that every relector reader try to ‘translate’ our words in order to understand what we mean.
The main difficulty for us is to understand slang and fine english humour.
But don’t worry, Andy is a plenty of humour man. We are often laughing when we are together on a summit, even when some guys send us some 99, tunes or other kindness.
Of course, his “little dog” translation is funny ! and he will be first to laugh about that.

I realy think that it is better to read this kind of reflector rather than others where hams are fighting one against the other…

Best 73 to all and have fun ! and as says Andy “life is too short !”

Alain F6ENO

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Hi Alain, I am glad you agree that the little dog translation was funny, it really was and as I said to Andy, its just our sense of humour. HI

Brian, I suppose humour is a little like beauty, as in, “in the eye of the beholder” but even so it was a very obvious translation slip that proved to be worthy of a giggle ot two on this miserable afternoon here in the North West, oh and my monitor survived the coffee tidal wave, but only just !!


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Miserable afternoon, Lee? Golly, it’s a lovely sunny and warm afternoon here in Brum, I’ll have to send you some!



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Can I have about 2 hrs worth pls, gotta take my little bitch out for a walk ! HI