Steve - K5SJC - Mountain Goat!

Here’s the official congrats to my friend Steve-K5SJC for becoming the 22nd Mountain Goat in the W0C!!!..Wait, scratch that, I mean the 5th Mountain Goat in the W5T!!! ;). Baaaaaa! Steve’s MG summit was Madonna Dome (W0C/SP-015) here in Colorado on August 24, 2023. Sorry I missed the chase! (stupid job).

And like a typical Texan, he’s waving his W5T flag a little higher than his W0C flag since he’s solidly planted his SOTA activation points in the W5T soil. You could have joined the CO team, but alas, I understand those loyalties are ingrained early on, even though you originally hail from Alaska :wink: Also, we’ll let those little excursions to W5O and W5A go since the vast majority of your GOAT points stem from CO summits. Regardless, it’s been great getting out with you on multiple activations and seeing the tenacity you had for planning and gettin er’ done during your summers here in CO. We know you boys don’t like the cold :wink: Congrats again brother! You deserve it. Cheers!

FYI, he’s the old guy in the pic :wink:


Congrats Steve!!! :beers:

Always a pleasure to work you on SOTA (and POTA) - we have had quite a few QSOs in the past year. And thanks for the CW name ‘JOX’ - it is starting to catch on and I’ve been called that by a few other ops :laughing:

73 and welcome to the herd.

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Congrats, Steve!


FB Steve! I’m happy I could chase you on your MG summit! Baaaa!

Andy, N4LAG

Congrats Steve! de WI5D

Congratulations, Steve!
Thanks for all the contacts.
73, Walt NE4TN

Congrats, Steve!
And thanks for all the FB QSOs!
John, K6YK

Congrats Steve on succeeding at your Mountain Goat challenge. You are one of the most consistent and hardest working ops I know, and you have worked tirelessly to earn every point. Keep up the great work!
72, Woody K1LB

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Congratulations Steve on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congrats Steve! Always fun to chase you on SOTA and POTA…

73, Todd KH2TJ

Congratulations, Steve! Always great to hear you on the air.

Vy 73 de Jonathan “JB”

Congrats Steve! Mountain Goat in less than two years… WOW!

Stealing from the Cheers TV show… I think you should move to Colorado where “everybody knows your name” (and callsign).

Ray / KD8EQA

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Many congratulations on achieving MG Steve sorry i missed you on that one

Steve - Welcome to the Texas goat herd. - 73, Don AC7P

Congrats Steve and thanks for all the contacts.

Gary A. - W0MNA



Congratulations Steve! Thanks for all the contacts -

Steve K9WO

Congratulations well done

Thanks everyone. I appreciate the contacts!

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Nicely done Steve ! Keep up the climbing.