st sunday Crag, Fairfield planned activation

Hi, I am hoping to activate St Sunday Crag G/LD010 and Fairfield g/LD007 tomorrow along with another local amateur Carl. I will be activating it via 2m/70cms with my FT817 and Carl 2E0HPI will be activating it on HF. Depending on conditions, which look wet/showery on the morning and windy but getting better into the afternoon and how we get on, Seat Sandel may get a quick activation but thats just a bonus summit if everything goes quickly :).

By the looks of it, googling, we can park at King George V field in Patterdale.

Hope to work plenty of people tomorrow.



Good luck for tomorrow & please spot if possible! 73 John.

sorry didnt manag to spot myself. Didn’t know the timings etc and even the route direction. We ended up reversing the route due to the weather. activation report coming shortly

No problem, Dave LKB spotted you, but by the time I saw it you either had moved on or I couldn’t hear you. I did listen on frequency & if it was you, you were barely breaking squelch. I hope the day went well for you. 73 John