SSB Receiver

Is there a compact lightweight HF SSB receiver out there? Sorry, I’m probably being lazy, but I’d be interested in anything handheld sized. It needs to be self powered, I’m guessing a Raspberry PI with built in screen and dongle might be a homebrew solution? Or an old school receiver?

Cheers, Mark.

Do you mean a receive only unit, not something like a KX2? If so, I have seen a kit, I’ll post when I remember where!

Maybe this one?

73 Armin


It is possible to convert a QCX Mini to SSB. A Google search will throw up a few links. However, I don’t think it has been done very often.

Hi Mark,

something like this?

I don’t have one so can’t comment on whether it works…

or search for the Tecsun range on the same site. ( other sources are available…)


Something as lightweight as possible, receive only and can be had cheaper than a transceiver. Thanks.

Tecsun PL-880 - a pal of mine has one and says its best feature is variable filter widths - not common on radios in this class

You could do it with a raspberry pi and SDR dongle. The pi 3b plus a UPS extension board would do it, giving a real time clock plus off grid power.

KM4ACK Build a Pi software or alternatively HamPi would give you a suite of radio software.

You could control it via VNC viewer installed in a phone or tablet over a kwireless hitspot on the Pi. This would give you a nice waterfall. You’d need to use headphones for listening, or add a small speaker. Pi’s don’t have built in sound cards.

A nice project, but maybe a bit clunky and delicate for the field.

I run a similar set up (without the SDR) for SOTA data modes.

73, Fraser


Or use an SDR (eg RSP series) with a cheap Windows tablet

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…but where’s the fun in that? :wink:

Much, much simpler though.

I know what you mean :wink:

I love building stuff as much as operating, so I spent the whole winter building a SOTA HF digital mode setup based on a homebrew 5W WSPR Tx (ESP32 processor) that I then extended to FT4/FT8, with an RSP1A to handle the Rx side and a tablet to control the whole shebang.

But have I used it ? Nope, 23 activations this year and I’ve stuck to 2M FM !!!



Maybe you can reveal the intended use Mark.

That should help people make more targetted suggestions. But there again maybe not!

That hurts. 2m is becoming a thorn in my SOTA side. I’m contemplating an array for my next 2m SOTA attempt.

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Well I could be completely off but was thinking of a way to record ‘over the air’ qsos.

Looks interesting

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As in recording both operators from your location?

Primarily yes.

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Are you then at risk of your tx swamping the input of the SSB receiver?

Or maybe use a voice recorder on your mobile phone ?

I happy for someone to point out it’s not possible, I’m not sure myself tbh. Better that the functionality was built into the rig I guess. Does the IC-705 allow recording of both ends, with your voice after any pre-processing? It could be excuse I need…

Regardless, it would be nice to know of lightweight receivers that could be used in a travel capacity. It clearly needs to be substantially lighter than a standard rig to be of any benefit.

Never looked into SWL options, so every answer is good.

Regards, Mark.

Yes it does. The recorder function is described in the Advanced manual which is a free download. It starts on page 5-1.

This is a recent example of my dreadful radio skills. It always amazes me how easy it is when listening to the recording to hear how clear everything is. But on a summit my ears fill with wax. :slight_smile: This was on 40m.