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Spring Flowers and SOTA

There have been so many beautiful spring flowers on show over the past week in Austira, I thought I would share them. Perhaps some other activators have some nice photos to add.

Marsh Marigolds on the way up to the Heukuppe OE/ST-112

Viola calcarata | Alpine-pansy (Heukuppe)

Primula wulfeniana on the Dreimarkenstein OE/ST-127

Blue Gentian on the Offnerkogel OE/ST-354

I’m no expert on wildflowers, so I won’t be offended if anyone posts to correct the names.
(Edit): Names Corrected
73 de OE6FEG


During last 2 activities :grinning:

Pancratium Illyricum

Cytinus Ruber

Digitalis purpurea

Malva sylvestris

Serapia Cordigera
73 Patrick


From last weekends hike two of the protected alpine flowers found:

Primula auricula | mountain cowslip or bear’s ear | Austrian dialect: Petergstam

Gentian but I don’t know which type. Most likely Gentiana clusii | Stängelloser Kalkenzian


The pink flowers are primula wulfeniana I think.


This one:

is a Vampire Cup I think. I’ve only seen them on Corsica.



Look like Pancratium maritimum. The Sea Daffodil.



Could be gentiana acaulis too, but most likely clusii if on limestone.

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That was my thought. Found on limestone at Nationalpark Gesäuse (North of OE/ST region)

I think those are Viola calcarata | Alpine-pansy
Viola calcarata - Wikipedia

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This is one of the Tongue orchids.

There are a few very similar species so difficult to identify it exactly from the photograph as the significant features are deep in the throat of the flower.



Spotted on Lamington Hill GM/SS-172 last Sunday. Edge of my boot for size.


Those are the Please don’t squash me flower. :slight_smile:

Hi Mat and others, great wild flower photos :grinning:

Thanks all, 73 de Geoff vk3sq

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Hi folks,
I added the name of flowers i found with my app… I’m not a specialist.
There are SO MANY flowers actually…Some are endemic to Corsica.
It’s a joy to walk around and smell all these odors…

I’ve started to collect some pictures : https://www.egloff.eu/index.php/fr/bio/apiculture/floraisons
Not really for SOTA but more for my beekeeping activity… :grinning:

73 Patrick,

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Hi, 73
Just flowers !
PC monitor can’t show those colors


Very nice flowers on the way to the summit that make every activation even more pleasant.

Here in the north of DL there are many windbreak bald spots in the forests that I would like to “afforest” with wildflower seeds.

Of course not in places where the often rare plants could be displaced as a result.

Flower On The Air!

73 Chris