Flower On The Air

The last times on my way to a summit, I took a small bag with seeds from bee-friendly flowers.

To the delight of our hard-working honey collectors and all endangered insects and maybe also the honorable mountain radio operators.

Happy FOTA!

73 Chris


Yes Bees need our help
The Snowdonia Society sell over 40 varieties of bee friendly seeds
although they will not sell abroad in case it introduces non native species.

73 Neil


Hello Chris

I also do this :wink:

You should take care that the seeds match the regional flora and soil.

Now is a good time. The frosts are over and the soil is wet.

I always have a bag with me and take rubbish from the summits that would not rot there… it’s not a big effort… but it helps a little.

73 Armin


Armin, you are addressing something important. For example. Last week I was in a gravel pit that had been abandoned for 10 years and admired how the plants were reclaiming nature. And rare species get a change again. I wouldn’t sow anything here.

73 Chris

A nice idea in general. I can imagine to join the club :slight_smile:

Same caution goes for alpine environments. Flowers there are highly specialized to the harsh conditions and “intruders” might cause more troubles.
Apart from the fact that - as far as I know - bees have only about 1km of flight radius around their hive so high up on a mountain might not help much. But near the parking spot could be a nice addition.

73 Joe