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Special Event Call for SOTA 20th Anniversary in Scotland

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the start of the SOTA program in Scotland on 1st July 2002, I have obtained a special event call GB2OGM. The call sign is valid for the month of July. UK special event call signs are only valid for operation from a fixed place that has public access. The location for this call is from the summit of Scotland’s most popular SOTA summit, Tinto Hill GM/SS-064. I hope to activate the summit several times during the month on as many bands as possible. I’ll be happy for anyone to contact me and we can do a joint activation if they too want to use the callsign.

Roger MW0IDX had some problems with the call GB20SOTA and so I decided that I’d get a call that looked like it had a 20 in it as it could be applied for using the online process.

So the call is GB2OGM or Golf Bravo Two Oh Golf Mike

(And yes, I expect that to cause problems for some people! :slight_smile: )


Golf bravo two oscar golf mike?
Not two zero golf mike?

I see it’s having the desired effect before it’s been on air. My work here is done :slight_smile:

Pete, it’s an Oscar.

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On using PHONE it’s not uncommon for stations to reply to me as Golf Four Zero Bravo Kilo. They are usually newly licenced hams who haven’t done much, if any short wave listening. It’s never happened on CW needless to say!

73 Phil