Special /2ZE suffix

Anyone fancy this? It’s a bit of a mouthful. (UK and Crown dependancies only). Would it mess up the database?


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Bit of jape for the prefix/callsign hunters.

Of course, there’s nothing in the regs any more since one of the changes that stops you adding what you like.

MM0FMF/UTCAA perhaps?

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Adding the full call sign of a Yank to the call of a Brit? What the BH. I guess that means there are no longer any hard feelings for treasonous acts by the US in the 18th century. I hope the statute of limitations ran out. Certain crimes don’t have any limit. Back in the day, that included homocide, train wrecking and horse stealing.

Elliott, K6EL


@K6EL Still kind of salty about the whole rebellion thing. but I guess its been 209 Years so I guess we can move on haha. :joy:


I’ve always said that the breakaway of the colonists was a good thing for the UK, because if they had remained the Queen would now have her principle residence in Washington DC!

Back to topic, I for one won’t be using that suffix - too much of a mouthfull!


Especially on CW - yuk!


Yeah, I, too, will be avoiding this unnecesary adornment. According to Measure Callsign Weight the suffix “/2ZE” has a weight of 52. It is slightly less weighty than “/QRP” though. With no suffix, my callsign has a weight of 62. Add “/P” and that goes up to 92. Add “/2ZE” instead and it’s 114. Add “/QRP” instead, and it’s 118. That means that at 16wpm (which is slightly faster than I usually run for SOTA), “/P” adds about 2.3 seconds to the time it takes to send my callsign. “/2ZE” would add about 3.9 seconds, and “/QRP” would add about 4.2 seconds…

Add /2ZE and activate a SOTA/WWFF ref and ensure you are spotted on assorted clusters and watch the callsign chasers go crazy-ape to get you in their logs.

Me… I’ll program up a keyer memory and just hit the button.