Spanish summits in EA7 region

Hi everyone,
is there a particular reason for why EA7 region (Andalucia) has no valid SOTA summits? I recently moved here for work and I can see a lot of beautiful summits including high peaks and I would like to activate them. As far as I know this is the only spanish region not included in SOTA database.

IZ1KSW - Gabriele

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Hi Gabriele

SOTA relies on volunteers to set up Associations. Naturally they concentrate on the areas where they live; I am guessing that they don’t live in EA7. As SOTA takes off in Spain the demand for the EA7 region will grow and eventually someone will do the work - probably someone based there who is keen to do some activations.



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Hi Richard,
thanks for the reply. I hope so since it would be great to do some SOTA sctivity from the summits around here. Moreover a lot of people come to spend summer holidays here from all around europe and I can imagine there are some ham as well.
If someone living in Andalucia (spanish or english speaking) wants to join me in some QRP activity please drop me an email and maybe we can begin to prepare a list of possible SOTA summits.

73 de
EA7/IZ1KSW - Gabriele

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Hi Gabriele,EA7/IK1KSW

Thanks for your question. Development work has been started on 2/1/2011 by EA7GU and EC1CW If you would like to offer your assistance to them in summit research or ARM writing, then I am sure that they would welcome this. Contact details are on QRZ website. Many thanks for your interest in SOTA EA7
Rob Harwood G0HRT
Association Manager for SOTA MT

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Hi Rob,
thank you for the good news. I will try to contact them and, if they need some kind of help, I’ll be happy to provide my assistance.

73 de EA7/IZ1KSW