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SOTAwatch Summits


Can I confirm you can successful log in to the database? You may need to use the forgotten password facility.


Sorry, it also works.
I have different credentials to database and sotawatch2.
My mistake, forgive me.

73, Jarek SP9MA


An easy mistake. This is why we are pushing hard towards Single Sign On :slight_smile:


For the past 3 or 4 days all the summit links on both SOTAwatch2 and SOTAwatch3 have sent me to a blank page.

For example https://summits.sota.org.uk/summit/F/AM-326 is blank

but it works when I change ‘summits’ to ‘www’


I have not seen that particular problem mentioned anywhere.

73 … John


Hi John, I wonder if you might be using IE11 for your browser? Can you confirm?

If so, this is a known issue which I will fix since a few others have expressed a strong preference for using IE11.

In the meantime, if you use Edge, Chrome or Firefox you should see the summits ok.


No, it is Firefox, but on an old XP computer, so definitely not the latest Firefox.
Anyway, I will just wait. Thank you.

… John


JON, I installed the new version. It works fine for me so far and no issues. I will get used to the changes. I like the idea of a single time sign in also. Thanks for the upgrade.
de John Paul // AB4PP


so, why not updating to the latest version?


EDIT: I found out that Firefox has stopped support for XP with version 52 … so you cannot update to the latest version!


The latest Firefox has for Windows XP


Yes - all displaying nicely now Jon. Nice job.

73 Phil


Hi Jon,

Thanks for the information. It is helpful for the third party provider that activation information can retrieve with the API. I have changed my site to obtain the latest spots and alerts with the SOTAwatch3 WebAPI, which shows activator’s APRS track with the summit location.

I will tell you how I used those APIs on my site via email.
I would appreciate if you would give me some advice.



A nice looking facility!

Happy to help. Just PM me on this reflector or send a message via the SOTA Contact form.


I’m using IE11 and not seeing the summit info.
Change is change. Some things I like, others, not so much.


Hi Victor, this is a known issue with IE11. I have fixed SOTAwatch3 which is now viewable in IE11. The Summits site is more complex to fix but I hope to have it resolves in the next few days.

If possible, if you were able to use a different browser (Chrome, Firefox or Edge) for the time being then I will let you know when IE11 works.

73, Jon


I do have to drill down a bit on the search page to find the correct SOTA Associations Page.


I’ve been following the discussion, so thanks.

I do have another concern: Pastel on white does not work for those sensitive to light and color blindness. The new SOTA WATCH # page REFLECTOR LATEST in NORMAL font, light blue, seriously fade into the white background. The BOLD of the LAST 50 ACTIVATIONS is much better.


OK, thanks Victor, I really appreciate this feedback. I do see what you mean. I have made a note to look into improving the contrast of the Reflector topics.


The Summits site should now be viewable in IE11.

I have noticed one or two bits of the site that have slightly degraded functionality in IE11. However, I really don’t want to spend a disproportionate amount of time trying to make the sites perfectly compatible with legacy browsers probably used by a small minority of users. I strongly urge ALL users to upgrade to modern web browsers.


The Summits pages seem to be down.

When I go to https://www.sota.org.uk/Summit/W6/SC-243

all it says is [Error]



That is the old site which has been deprecated. See Jon’s 1st post for more info but the correct site is: