SOTAWATCH & F/AM-617: Test with DMR2SOTA and AnyTone 878 v1 & v2

Hi all,

1 - Sorry for disturbing, we were testing APRS SMS via DMR2SOTA with a local repeater around Nice. All our test have TEST comments as recommended. (if something else must be done please let us know).

2 - AnyTone 878 v1 & v2 is rebooting after the APRS SMS via DMR2SOTA is sent. We see local repeater & AnyTone exchanges … and reboot.
We are trying to identify where it can comes from.

Again, sorry for SOTA watch pollution.

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Hi Léopold, @F4IYY

You can follow and ask your questions on this topic already open

73 et bonne lecture, Éric

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Hi @F5JKK ,

Thank you for your reply, appreciate your answer.

This message was a bit to apologies for disturbing :wink:

We discovered that in BrandMeister profile radio brand set with Motorola, the AnyTone reboot. However when this settings is turned with Chinese radio, it does not. Against what ea2cw mention on his site.

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Hello Eric,
I’ll not give a new unique summit today… as i am having a rest!
In fact Léopold and i don’t have any problem sending a spot using DMR2SOTA.
The spot is sent and seen on the sotawatch.
Our problem is that the TX keep talking to the local repeater and after 7 or 8 exchanges, it reboot itself.
We both went to the bandmeister selfcare and have set the MODEL to Chinise (not Motorola) after that, it looks like everything is fine.
Roger F5LKW that uses the same codeplug with his selfcare set to MOTOROLA does not have any problem on his local repeater F1ZNX.
Our local repeater is a MOTOROLA DR3000, Model that had a problem with the firmware 1.24 (corrected with 1.26 firmware update).
We’re going to test a little more.
73 Gerald F6HBI


Hi Leopold,

When setting “chinese radio” on brandmeister selfcare, you can have problems with “ack” messages from the servers. Please check how SMS format is set on your talkie:

  • Menu
  • Settings
  • (1) Radio Set
  • (4) Other Functions
  • (24) SMS format
  • (1) M-SMS

Then, restore “Motorola” value on Brand field at
All must be fine and ACK packets well received by the talkie, so it will not send the same packet again and again.
(This is on Anytone 878, firmware 1.26 )

73, Mikel EA2CW


Hello Mikel,
Léopold and me, are using the same repeater (Motorola DR3300).
We both are having the same problem, in any setting of our AT878, the TX reboot when SMS is sent, unless we set Chinese Radio on the Brandmeister.
The same Anytone Setup on another local repeater, with Motorola setup on BM does a good job.
I think i’ll give up using SMS to Spot activities, and go back to GSM.
73 from Gerald

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Hello Gerald,

During the tests I have already made, the DMR2SOTA gateway shown to be independent of which repeater system you are using (tested various ones, as well as two different hotspot hard/soft configurations)

Please try to confirm that you have the latest firmware installed, and the SMS format is setup right, both at the HT and at BM selfcare. No problem found either on AT878 or on DJ-MD5.

73, Mikel

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Hi Mikel, I tried that 1.000 times. The ANYTONE reboots!

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