New DMR2SOTA gateway is operational !

Hi folks,

DMR2SOTA is a new gateway to send spots from Brandmeister DMR network (more than 5.000 repeaters WW) to Sotawatch.


Send an SMS to the private id 214996 as the following example (use spaces to separate fields):

EA2/VI-001 14.205 SSB EA2CQ/P Optional_comments

You can use the wildcard ‘*’ on callsign to announce yourself:

EA2/VI-001 14.205 SSB * Optional_comments
EA2/VI-001 14.205 SSB */P Optional_comments

After sending, you will receive a succesful or fail SMS depending on Sotawatch answer. If it gives error, you must check the format of your SMS.

Other available commands: (similar to commands APRS2SOTA)

/SPOTS or /S : To receive the last 3 spots published on Sotawatch
/LAST or /L: To receive the last spot published on Sotawatch
/ALERTS or /A : To receive the last 3 alerts
/INFO summit_ref or /I summit_ref: to receive info about the requested summit_ref (eg: /INFO EA2/VI-001)
/TIME or /T: To receive UTC time
/HELP or /H: For help

Special thanks to:
Andrew VK3ARR for the support with Sotawatch connection.
Mikel EA2CW for testing the gateway

73 de Iñigo EA2CQ


Nice to ear that new service, thanks.
Therefore, i tested it twice; i got SMS sent success, but nothing appear on the sotawatch.

It’s OK now, fine job you did!


Great work Iñigo!
I updated the thread title as “out” can be read as no longer working.

I have a DMR radio - will this gateway also work via a DMR Hotspot? (Just to test it).

73 Ed.

Tnx for renaming the post. Yes, it should work also through a hotspot connected to any master of Brandmeister Network.

Thank you Iñigo for your work and patience during the tests!
I will try to write down some information that we both have discovered related to chinese talkies, Anytone 878 and Alinco DJ-MD5, which are very commonly used at least around here.
There are some adjusts to be made to have the system running right, concerning the SMS mode, channels configuration, and the Brandmeister Selfcare.
As soon as I finish it, I will publish the url.
Thanks again!
73, Mikel


Thank you Iñigo, Adrew and Mikel for yours good work. :+1: :+1:
I just checked it out a moment ago and it works as it should.
I sent the test spot with AnyTone AT-D878UV PLUS according to Iñigo EA2CQ instructions. The spot appeared 4 seconds after being sent. :hugs:

73, Jacek SQ9MDN


I did a spot test.
Its seems to work but not so good for me.
I received as confirmation: msg failed … but 5 spots
Jacek @SQ9MDN. What is ur configuration with AnyTone ? and SefCare ?
73 Roger

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It seems bad config of your Anytone. Wait for a while as Mikel EA2CW will publish configuration guide very soon…


I’m going, I’m going…
Here you have it!

Any question, please, to Iñigo. Send a DM to me and I will give you his 24/7 mobile phone number :wink:


Before trying to send an spot I recommend to test the configuration sending another command , eg: /INFO summit_ref to check that outgoing sms and incoming sms are working fine. On DMR, voice is easy to configure but SMS have tricks on different rig brands and depends on Selfcare configuration. But once configured, it works as a charm.

I haven’t made any changes to the TRX settings. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I checked the settings indicated by Mikel EA2CW. I have exactly the same settings.
I have APRS turned off when I am not using it.
I didn’t have to change any settings in CPS.
Now I have sent the spot via OK0DSJ from my QTH in SP (~ 83.7km). Everything works fine as well.

Vy 73 de Jacek SQ9MDN


You can have APRS (analogic or digital) transmision on, the problem is only with the APRS RX (although I don’t know if it can cause your APRS data tx to be repeated as the talkie cannot listen the ack to your txmissions, I’ll try to test this) , useful if you want to send your position while hiking.
73, Mikel


I have improved SMS capture procedure in order to minimize (almost avoid) multi spots when the talky does not receive ack from the repeater and tries to send the same message multiple times.

Now if a duplicated message arrives at the same time HH:MM it will not be resent to sotawatch.


I have just added a 3 minutes window to not publish the same spot. So now, when an SMS arrives, it checks if the spot is the same as the last one AND if it was sent within the 3 minutes before, in that case, the spot will not pass to Sotawatch. (if SMS is different the 3 minutes counter does not affect and the spot will go to Sotawatch normally). I hope that this will solve multi sms sending of DMR rigs when they do not receive ack from repeater side.


Thank you Iñigo

using anytone 878 …looks it works …

73 Ivica


In case anyone is using a modified firmware (I use OpenGD77), make sure that it supports DMR SMS texting - OpenGD77 doesn’t and looks like it never will. So before planning to try this solution make sure your model of DMR HT supports SMS.

73 Ed.


It could be obvious but you should use always the slot less busy of traffic or your SMS will not arrive to repeater. (slot 1 or slot 2).

If you have curiosity the SMS will make the following way:

Your talky → Repeater → BM Master of your zone → Master 2141 EA → PARSER → Sotawatch.
And the inverted way to receive the confirmation SMS. It seems complicated but it takes only 3/4 seconds to complet the process. :wink:


Tomorrow I will use it ! (23/02/2022)


Hi EA2CW, is the service still running? Do you have any status online? I’m trying “/SPOTS” on my AnyTone 878 without success. The SMS is successfully sent, however there is no reply.

Same here. I cannot get any reply from the Gateway.
Woild be nice to know whether the service is srltill offered. Thanks