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SotaMaps direct URL not working

I’m seeing ‘Unknown Region’ errors when attempting to use a direct summit URL, including links from the summit DB. Example URL: http://www.sotamaps.org/index.php?smt=CT/BB-013. Just a slight annoyance as everything still works great after selecting the region I’m after.

Is it just me? I’ve tried a couple of computers, with both IE and Chrome.

– Chris K7TAB

Same here. I can get it by selecting but direct says CT/BB does not exist.

Thanks guys for the feedback. We can duplicate this problem also and have requested our web developer to help out.

73, Guy/n7un

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Let us know when your web developer comes up with a solution.

Meanwhile, I’ll do what I can to help out…



Hi all,

Sorry about this turn of events, which gives the same result on three different servers, so it’s not down to some problem on the server.

The problem has to do with firing pieces of code at the appropriate moment, to give time for other code to finish with a return value. Now, I have been constantly updating the SMP code, but nothing I’ve done could possibly explain the much faster running of code which I’ve noticed just today, and which is now breaking the simple choreography between code sections I’ve been using up until now. The only thing I can think of is that Javascript has suddenly received a boost in performance, but across IE, Chrome and Firefox simultaneously? Hardly likely!

Right now, I’m sorry to say I’m too tired and frazzled to attend to this right now: it’s going to mean a major rewrite of the startup code for the main mapping page. I’ve been up since 6am working almost non-stop today (and for most of the past couple of weeks) on the SMP and it’s future implementation, so I’m afraid it’ll have to wait until tomorrow morning.

Apologies again,


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None needed! Thanks for all you (and all the other volunteers) do when you have time.

OK, all working again now…



I thought it was true to form that as soon as I go on holiday, we start having issues. First was my Win10 laptop not switching off and flattening the battery in a few hours. Then problems with one of the websites.

Rob has just mailed us to say he’s fixed his issues and everything should be OK. I know Rob will have been working hard in the background to fix his website and as I know what it’s like when you have to do this so I’d like to thank Rob for having to fix something he didn’t break.

As for Win10, well it was a perfect storm. Arrive at the villa with a flatish battery and the wifi wouldn’t work. So I can’t easily download any fixes or solutions. But my phone had a net connection so I could download the router manual and enable WPS and get my laptop on line that way. A Googled fix was to update an Intel Battery Management Device Driver which I did and it seems to be working FB now. A few minutes later yet another bloody W10 update notification and that was to tell me an update applied a few days ago had failed and it wanted to try again… obviously the cause of my issues. I shall resist this update till get home.

Anyway, thanks Rob for burning some midnight oil on this.

Aahhh, Win 10 - tenth level of heavenly delights! I’ve had similar issues with the Win 10 updates breaking on this 10-year-old PC, but the last one a few days ago went through without a hitch, so mustn’t complain :grinning:

You neglect to mention that you’re in EA8 land at the moment, so best of luck with getting your laptop running, and of course with your activations. And a big thank you for your appreciation of my own humble efforts.


That’s why some of us are sticking with Win 7 64 bit. :grinning:

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i avoided upgrading my laptop to windows 10. When Microsoft started dishing out operating systems for free you know theres a catch in there somewhere.

In theory it should be better to have the updates pushed to everyone… Fewer machines about to be compromised. It’s when it fails just before you leave on vacation that it’s a pain especially when you only fond out it failed before getting on the plane.

Thanks Rob! Your efforts are much appreciated! I’m guessing/hoping that the fix did not involve the complete rewrite that you initially reported.

Thanks & 73!
–Chris K7TAB

Hi Chris,

Well, yes, it did entail a rewrite of the startup code in the main SMP page, but it was worth it - it’s now more robust and easier to maintain going forward, so that’s all positive, right?

73, rob

Indeed, that is positive. I just feel bad that a minor issue took time away from other development efforts. The tool, or really tools, are extremely useful and powerful. I’m continually amazed when I find a feature I wasn’t aware of.

Thanks again! 73
–Chris K7TAB

Not at all! All issues are of equal merit, and need fixing when they appear. This one reared it’s ugly head, and was quickly beaten into shape - that’s how we do things here.

73, Rob

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I reported this to the MT a day or so ago. They are aware of the problem and the DB folks are working on it.

You seem to be unaware of the fact that the sotamaps website - which is where the problem arose - is independent from SOTA or the SOTA database. The MT have no access to the code, and are therefore unable to make any changes or updates to the sotamaps site.

There is a contact page in the sotamaps website which enables users of the site to report problems encountered while using the site: I’m a little surprised that nobody thought of using that facility this time around. Nevertheless, since the problem has been resolved, it would appear that the reports here in this reflector thread have reached the sotamaps developer(s), so all is well there…


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: