SOTA without glasses

Actually, it would have been a perfect day… a warm spring day

But when I arrived at DM/BW-841, I realized that I didn’t have my glasses with me. With 3.5 dioptrin, you can’t see what you wrote… and I couldn’t read the written callsigns, although I already I took the sheet across and wrote in largel letters.
So I must have addressed some of you wrong during the first run today. I apologize for that.

But the transfer to the SOTA logbook went smoothly. :grin:

73 Armin

(Originally I wanted to become active in ssb too - but there was no free frequency because of the contest)

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Thats what you call a stab in the dark

I know the feeling Armin

I once forgot my glasses too, and could only read my radio, watch and log book by squinting my eyes.
I now carry a small, cheap folding pair of reading glasses in my rucksac. Just in case. :slight_smile:

Yes, I find myself squinting at the 817, particularly under certain lighting conditions even though my eyes only +1.25. Time to use the larger display I think. :grinning:

Bothy bags can be tricky too - glasses steam up, but you can’t get the radio far enough away to focus without them :smile:
All part of the fun, and it’s amazing what you can do when pressed!

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That is all the more reason to double check your bag before you leave and put extra items in there. I carry an extra pair in case I break a pair. I have done that before and now I have two sets. Good post and I am sure others will follow suit.
de John Paul // AB4PP

No glasses? Fine - I’ll drink from the bottle!

All joking aside, I have a magnifying glass in my rucksack, mainly for looking at geology, but in an emergency it would be a substitute for spectacles.

No glasses? Look through a pin hole in a piece of card or a page from the logbook. Use any sharp thing to make a hole about half a mm dia. It need not be nice and round. More effective than squinting.



I always have a small folding magnifying glass with me at all times.

My smart phone (that I try to use for GPS & Spotting APPs) has a voice recorder APP that I use to record my activations (when I remember to turn it in). :open_mouth:
I got that idea from the Reflector from maybe a post by WG0AT.

73, Bruce W2SE

P.S. Smart phones often have cameras. Zoom in to use it as a magnifying glass. There are multiple magnifier APPs also. The rear facing camera typically has the better resolution.

And lets not forget that the Silva 4 compass (probably one of the most popular models) that you have in your rucksack should real navigation be required has a built in magnifying glass.