SOTA Weekend in the Lake District - is this something you'd be interested in?

I currently organise an event for Vintage Computing called ‘DEC Legacy’, based in Windermere. It happens as often as I get organised, running around once every 18 months to 2 years.

Given that I am now heavily involved in SOTA I wondered if there was any appetite for a similar event relating to SOTA? I’m not sure whether something like this happens, other than having stands at rallies such as NARSA. I would see this event as being much more relaxed. Oh, and where better to hold an event like this but the Lake District?

Format would be up-for-grabs, but what might work is a Saturday in the hall at the Marchesi Centre where everyone brings their gear and there is the possibility of talks, maybe the crazier the better type thing? On the Sunday maybe an organised SOTA field day. Cost would be around £10/head, depending on attendance, to cover the cost of the hall.

I typically try and get these things going either in Spring or Autumn.

Regards, Mark.


Hi Mark, first of all thanks for offering to take this on. Having organised 2 C2C cycle trips I appreciate the effort involved (herding cats springs to mind!)
Personally I would be more interested in a S2S “party” perhaps followed by a meet-up in a pub/hotel for food and an opportunity to put faces to voices (local chasers could also join). The advantage of this (for me) is that it only takes one day out of the weekend (balancing work, SOTA and family!).
I appreciate that it depends what your objective is. If you’re trying to organise an opportunity to spread the word about SOTA to non-participants; then your suggestion is probably better.
Long winded way of saying I may be interested :wink:

I would be interested too and like the idea of a S2S party follwed by a pint! I will probably get a “day” pass but a weekend would be a big ask!


Hi Mark

I am certainly interested. Phil G4OBK organised a similar event for the G/TW area a few years ago which went very well with all the G/TWs being activated followed by an evening meal in a pub.


Hi Mark

I am interested in this but as always depends on the timing. My usual visit to LD is around the time of my visit to NARSA. Keep us posted.

73 Allan GW4VPX

OK, so a Lakes SOTA event would consist of activation and then pub?
There is definitely a theme coming through here :grinning:

Bad weather plan - just miss out the activation :wink:


There has been some excellent VHF Fun Days in the past. Of course HF also.

Great idea Mark.

73 Chris M0RSF

Yes I remember that - Phil was kind enough to organise that when I was over from Germany and so I got to meet a few of the Yorkshire Ops in person over a beer or two and some good hearty food.
The guys in the ACT in VK also have something similar each year, on the anniversary of the founding of the VK1 SOTA association.
The concept is good - why not have it in other regions? The LD region is a great one to start with - with number of summits there! Don’t think I’ll be getting over to it unfortunately but if organised somewhat similar to what Phil did, I’m sure it’ll be a success!


Try starting a poll to see what preferences are.

Sounds a good start to an interesting idea.

Spring would in a better time as the Lakes is often pouring with rain in autumn. And of course more daylight.

It would increase the S2S contacts too :wink:

OK, I’ll have a think, it should be fairly straightforward.

Next question is what criteria to use as a summit if there is to be a party, or should that be flexible on conditions? Maybe something in the mid-range of heights? Maybe time it for one of the S2S events, or would that make the points fest for other activators null and void after the first contact?

Regards, Mark.

Having read through posts again was the G/TW party on a number of summits with a group meet afterwards?

That’s right Mark, for these kinds of events several summits in the area are activated by individuals or small teams and the S2S contacts are made between them. Often you can get to three summits in a day, so that you could easily end up with three completes by the end of the day if you time it right. Then at the end of the day all head to a centrally located restaurant for the evening meal and bragging about that one DX contact that got away. Any one with some interesting gear can then show it to the group if they want to.

Cheers Ed.

This is your puppy Mark and I don’t wish to tread on anyone’s toes, this is merely a suggestion. How about the Kirkstone Pass Inn for a meet up afterwards? Plenty of parking, serves food and beer and if anyone wanted to stay over there is accommodation. Of course living in the area you may have a better idea.

73 Chris M0RSF

Hi Mark, my suggestion would be to leave the selection of summits up to the individual activators. We can co-ordinate it in the usual way using SOTAwatch (that keeps the organisation load to a minimum and also encourages maximum participation irrespective of capability and weather).
The good thing about such an event is that even if the weather is poor, activators are likely to have good opportunities for S2S with basic (VHF) equipment. wrt timing, I think the main factor is to try and find a quiet time of year in the Lakes!:thinking: (Everything is relative!)
I’ll upgrade my tentative interest to definite interest!

This si sounding really good - Ullswater has lots of summits and reasonable access to the M6. Another definite interest!

It’s not that far down to the Northern lakes for me up near Edinburgh. But a 2hr drive, SOTAing, then a meal means I’d be pretty bushed and would probably want to stay over ('coz I could drink then). That means I’d want some more activating the next for the return trip. That’s me.

There could well be enough interest for an event on 2 days. As Barry says, a poll would help you get more confused!

I’d certainly give such an event some serious consideration. Overnight stay de rigueur I’d have thought :yum:

No problem with a two day event clearly - dip and dip out, if there is no cost involved for the event then folk can come and go as they please. I’m in Windermere but given that a lot of the SOTA summits are located more towards Keswick that might be a better venue for a post-activation meet-up.

At the end of the day if this is the format then it is just a case of picking a day and a pub with good access and plenty of space, if a more formal meal isn’t of interest.

Regards, Mark.

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