Sota watch 3

Is it me or is SW3 just not working No alert’s or spots.

Apears to be working on the mobile last hit was a EA6 2hrs ago


It is being looked into Karl

Just in case anyone is still struggling with SOTAwatch3, a Crtl-F5 to reload the application in your browser should correct things.

thanks gents.

all working again :slight_smile:

Working in Chrome, but Firefox will not display any Spots or Alerts - even after Ctrl-5 Several times / closing and restarting Firefox seems to be making no difference.


Caught me out here… check if you have something like NoScript active and blocking sites. Check to see if there is a new domain being blocked. This only changed as part of the fix this morning.

Working here with Firefox 68.0.1 and Windows 7 OS.

73 Martin, OE5REO

Ah that did it after another Ctrl-F5

Sotawatch on my android phone appears to have stopped getting spots about 3 hours ago, although its working fine on the PC


There appear to be issues using some of the other Spotting pages too (i.e. Spotlite is either very slow to respond or NOT responding at all) - this means APRS2SOTA is unable to post some spots.

I think I’ve managed to resolve that … should be faster now.

Sotawatch3 not working here - multiple Ctrl F5 have not resolved.
73 Geoff ZL3GA

Now working FB - thanks!


I noticed SOTAwatch 3 is not working for me now. Is anyone else having the same issue at the moment?

Jimmy M0HGY

Working fine now,12:42bst, as I have a coffee off A9.

A9 traffic horrible us and never seen so many EU tourist cars…is the pound down the pan at present?

Might just be me Andy as it’s still not working for me. Here’s how it looks at my end.

Jimmy M0HGY

Yep, that was the issue here; one new site needed adding to the “trusted” list. Thanks.

SW3 didn’t work for me this morning when I tried to connect from my PC at home and SW2 did.
I’m in the hospital now receiving my chemo and SW3 seems to work fine with my smartphone.


Same situation now (17h14 utc) when trying to contact SW3 from my home PC. The message I’m getting is “Server not found”. SW2 works OK.
My PC runs on Windows XP Professional and the web browser is Mozilla Firefox 52.9.0.


SOTAwatch 3 is working for me now Guru, but seems there are some occasions when it isn’t working properly. I hope your chemo earlier today went OK for you.

Jimmy M0HGY