SOTA VHF FM 2022 Multi activation event

This is the announcement of the 4th edition of the Multi SOTA activation in VHF FM.

The event will be held in two dates: next June 19th, and on September the 10th 2022.

As for the previous events the idea is simple, try to activate SOTA from as many simultaneous summits as possible running VHF FM and enhance S2S and long distance qso with chasers.
Last year it was a great success with 43 SOTA activators from EA another in F, and 3 more in CT.

You are all invited to join the event.

Details on how to participate and registration in advance to this event in the website:

Sorry it is in spanish, if you need help to understand the content just let me know.

The frequencies are previously assigned and announced to facilitate the multi operation without disturbing between us.

See the report of last year event here:

Grab a handheld and a decent antenna and try working as many summits as you can!

73 de Ignacio


we are approaching the target date of June 19th for this event.

Many people showed interest and there are 35 summits already planned including participants from EA and CT.
A few more ops have to confirm the summit in the coming days.

All we need now is to have a good weather to be able to run the event as planned…
Here the map with scheduled summits:

More info to come.
73 Ignacio EA2BD


Good luck for all operators, hope the weather will be sunny.

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