SOTA VHF FM 2021 Multi activation event

This is the announcement of the 3rd edition of the Multi SOTA activation in VHF FM.

The event will be held next July 31st 2021.

As for the previous events the idea is simple, try to activate SOTA from as many simultaneous summits as possible running VHF FM and enhance S2S and long distance qso with chasers.
Last year it was a great success with 35 activators from EA another in F.

You are all invited to join the event. Last year there were big DX over the Mediterranean Sea, ranging 500 kilometer and plus.
Is there a chance to count with any Bristih stations this year perhaps?

If you intend to participate get in contact with me (my mail all right in as the frequencies are previously assigned and announced to facilitate the multi operatiooon without disturbing between us.

See the report of last year event here:

More details here soon.
73 de Ignacio


One more year, we will participate in the event, Ignacio!

If everything goes fine, this time we will be on Mount Moncayo EA2/ZG-001 at 2314 meters high.

I hope we can hear each other from the peaks.



Time passed bye, lots of emails, a huge planning and thanks to a wishful thinking of amateurs it is with joy that I can confirm and announce some details of our next 2021 Long distance VHF FM event, scheduled for Saturday July the 31st.

A big number of activators finally agreed to participate, see listing here:

If we put them in a map, it is impressive to notice how spread they all will be and imagine the intense chasing activity and S2S we could foreseen:

Now we just have to wait, cross our fingers and get a proper weather to enjoy the day.
If we could just engage our neighbour countries and promote such event to get a bigger international response…

We will tell you how the thing went. Don’t get intimidated when you find a crowd of VHF alerts for next Saturday, and please, point your beams and try to say hi to any of us; we will be glad to reply!


P.s. thanks to Alberto EA2DCA for the listing and frequency allocation (mad point!) and Pablo EA2EWC for the useful Map.


I have the intention to take part in this fun event, although I may finally decide for a closer drive-up summit, given my health constrains and the WX forecast.
I will have a GP colineal antenna and also a yagi which I have just built this morning:

I must say that I’m most impressed with the results I’ve just got by following the instructions at 4-El.-2m-Yagi

Once mechanical construction and electrical connection was finished, I connected the antenna to my NanoVNA-H 4 analyzer and the SWR was a flat curve not greater than 1.4 from 140 to 148 MHz, being the minimum at 148 and 1.32 at 145.500.

All the elements used in the construction of this antenna were in my junk box, so I’ve got a 4 elements yagi for the 2m band at zero cost.




By misfortune, bad weather has been forecasted for Saturday 31st adding some risks for many of the activators.

Therefore we have decided to move the event to Sunday August the 1st, as it offers a much better scenario up in the summits.

This change will modify slightly the activator listing and also some of the summits as well.
We will publish the final list here tomorrow.

73 Ignacio

Here updated the listing of activators and frequencies scheduled for August 1st:



Hello Ignacio,
I shall be there also on F/AM-396 with a 9 elements vertical, FT817 5w.
I will be also QRV on DMR TG 973 Sota for sked.
Of course i can also turn the beam to central europe for S2S.
the summit is wide open 360 degres!
73 Gerald F6HBI


Hi Gerald,
I’ll be looking forward to S2S with you!
I’ll have FT-817ND + Daiwa AMP 35W into selectable GP colineal or 4 el. yagi vertical polarizarion.


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One more picture of our situation and frequency.
Thanks EA2EWC for producing it and EA2DCA for allocating the freqs.

PS. A bit of sporadic-E would be very welcome. Last year we had it only over the Mediterranean

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My day started with a discharged battery in my car. Fortunately, I always have the battery wires for an emergency, so I hooked them to my battery and patiently waited for someone to help me.

It was early and no cars were passing by, but after a couple of minutes, a Volvo showed up from an underground parking close to where I was parked on the street. I asked the driver for a minute to hook my cables to his battery but he responded that it wasn’t possible because the battery of his car was hidden and not accessible. Then a priest got out from a nearby building and took his Opel Corsa. I went to him and asked him for a minute for him to do the first good action of the day. He responded that he couldn’t help me because my car is Diesel and his was Petrol, to which I responded that this wouldn’t be a problem as all I needed was a bit of 12V DC from his battery, which has nothing to do with the type of engine Petrol/Diesel. Fortunately I convinced him and he agreed to approach his Corsa to my Rodius. I hooked the cables, asked him to keep his engine running and I immediately managed to start my can engine, pfew!

On my way to my targetted SOTA, I stopped in a Gas station for some Diesel, which I got quickly with my car engine running just in case…

After a short drive of about 25 Km or so, I got to the village of my ancestors Cirauqui. I crossed the village and as soon as I took the dirt road towards the Mt. Ezkintza EA2/NV-148, I was delighted with a beautiful female or young Roe deer, who crossed the dirt road I was on very calmly, even stopping to look at me several times. I didn’t want to take my camera for a picture as I didn’t want it to run away. I enjoyed very much this wild animal encounter.

After crossing a very narrow bridge over a small river, which could also be crossed with a proper Land Rover like for instance, the ones Fraser @MM0EFI shows us in his activation reports, and driving a few Km on 4x4 LH along this mountain dirt road you can see in the following map:

When I got to the summit, I started to work on my setup, which today would be a colinear GP with 2 wire radials and a 4 el. home made yagi in vertical polarization, both connected to a coaxial antenna swith, down to a Daiwa LA-2035 amplifier
and finally down to the front BNC socket of my FT-817ND.

Mi colinear GP with 2 wire radials would be mounted on this 3 ways antenna switch which I burnt with QRO some years ago and I refurbished to be used as an antenna support in this way:

The first problem of the day arrived when I found that after having erected the antenna on top of its PVC tube, suddenly the SO-239 where the PL-259 with RG-213 coaxial was connected, had popped out and was laying down on the grass. I couldn’t believe it, but there was no way to solve that problem at the summit, so I deployed my back up solution, which was a female T connector in vertical position like this:

To my amazement and astonishment, this T connector tore down in pieces itself, with the SO-239 where the coax cable was connected popping out AND the other SO-239 where the wire radial was connected popped out too.
I managed to insert them back in and finally the colinear GP got installed and transmitted with a SWR 1:1 on the FT-817ND SWR meter, Pfew!

But the sucession of connectors problems was not over yet. I quickly found that sometimes the SWR reading on the FT-817 was full of blocks and some other times not, so there was somewhere and intermittent bad contact, either a short or an open circuit. Soon I found the guilty was the PL-259 I had on one end of the short piece of coax I had from the FT-817ND to the Daiwa LA-2035 amplifier. The other end had a BNC and that was apparently OK. I inspected the PL-259 and realised it was an old one in pretty poor condition. I hadn’t used it for about 5 years and I noticed there was a short between the inner and the outer conductors inside the PL-259. Nothing I could fix myself at the summit.
This new unexpected problem made me take a new decision: my Colinear GP would be disconnected and its coax cable having a PL-259 on one end and a BNC on the other end, would replace the faulty one.
This worked well and now I’d only use my home-made 4 el. yagi for the activation.
I disconnected and forgot about the 2 ways coax switch too, as it wasn’t needed now with a single antenna in use.

As you may have seen in the posts above, each activator had an assigned frequency for him/her to use when calling CQ. Mine was 145.450, but I found it busy throughout the whole duration of my activation with EA2T activating a trig poing for the VGE award. This unexpected occupation kicked me off and left me the only option of being QSYing up and down trying to hear other activators CQing and calling them for S2S.

Many thanks to those activators who let me work some S2S and regular chaser contacts on their frequencies.

With so many connectors problems and almost unable to call CQ for the chasers to find me and chase me, I ended with a small log of 17 QSO, 9 of which S2S, being the longest distance contact 342 Km with EA4GUO from SOTA EA1/AV-043.
This is the full log:

You can see it on the map:

My transmission with the yagi seemed to also have some problem, because sometimes the SWR was perfect 1:1 on the FT-817ND SWR meter and some other times, without even having moved the antenna orientation or changed frequency, the SWR reading showed 3 and even 4 blocks. This was probably the reason why I wasn’t copied by some of the activators like EA3IED and EA2BD to whom I was copying very well with the great help of the RX preamp in my Daiwa LA-2035 Amplifier.

Well, the comments of all participants were that they all enjoyed very much this day. I also enjoyed it, although I admit an HF activation gives me much more fun and satisfaction than a VHF one. However, it was great participating in this successfull event wonderfully organised with much work and dedication by Ignacio EA2BD. Congratulations Ignacio, very well done! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Thanks to all the chasers and activators for contributing to this great success.


P.D. I had no internet access from the summit and I sent some selfspots by SMS from my SOTA spotter app, but I haven’t found any of those spots on SOTAwatch, so it looks like they got lost somewhere in the cyberspace…

P.D. 2. With the visit of Joaquin EA2CCG at the end of the activation and the tireness I was feeling by that late time without having had any food or drink, I completely forgot taking pictures of the setup, myself or the views.

P.D. 3. Not only I found unexpected traffic on my initially asigned frequency of 145.450, but also on the mountain dirt road at descent:


Hello Guru, well what a story about your day and its problems you experienced and creativity you used to operate. I admire your tenacity, I would have gone home after getting the car going and continued watch the Olympics :grinning:

Take care Guru.

73 de Geoff vk3sq


Hi Geoff,
Thanks for your comment. I really had to improvise a bit to get the activation done with a minimum success. But it’s a great mental exercise and a lot of fun this overcoming unexpected problems and improvising solutions on the go. It’s something I’ve been doing all my life not only on my hobby and personal life but also at work.
This morning I have already repaired the burned and refurbished 3 ways coax switch, so that bottom middle SO-239 won’t hopefully pop out again next time I’ll use it.

The problem is there’s an ALLEN screw to tighten and get the SO-239 in its place, but the hexagon of this ALLEN screw is a bit rounded or it’s a non metric size (perhaps imperial) and my metric ALLEN wrench can’t tighten it as much I’d like to. Well, I’ll keep fingers crossed next time.


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Nothing received here. Check they actually were sent as sending in very poor signal areas can make you think the message was sent when it wasn’t sent successfully. Also check it was sent to the correct number.

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Hi Andy,
I sent these 2 spots yesterday:

And the number selected on the SOTA spotter APP was this:

That SMS service is nothing to do with me, sorry.

These are all the selectable numbers offered by this SOTA spotter APP:
Should I choose the SMS_UK number or that’s not the one you handle?

I’m not sure if SpotSMS is running any more, does anyone know?

The one’s I handle are SMS_UK, SMS_NA.

Joe OE5JFE runs SMS_OE and Marco IZ3GME runs SMS_I gateways, these provide local numbers to OE and I and they forward the data to my server for processing.

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Same for me! With 9 elements yagi, i enjoyed 0 QSO! hi hi… never again

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OK, Andy, thanks.
I’ll select now the SMS_UK number for future SMS spotting and I’ll send a test spot a bit later to check everything works OK.


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The EA one is not working since years as far as I know.

I have contacted Bogdan YO8SAW - the author of Android SOTA Spotter to inform him on the situation.