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Sota talk resources

Hi. I’m planning on doing a talk on SOTA at our new radio club. Has anyone got any advice or PowerPoint slides I could use or base mine on?
Any info and advice much appreciated.

Send me an e-mail Anthony (see qrz.com) and I’ll forward you the presentation I made for my club in the past.

73, Peter


I did a talk on SOTA at South Bristol ARC last year. You are welcome to a copy of my slides, just send me an email via QRZ


I gave a talk to RSGB Convention Oct 2015, Power point available. My E mail on QRZ.

Would it be possible to post all this, most excellent, material somewhere where other mortals could access it?

Hit me up via QRZ published email (my call at gmail) if you would like slides from this presentation.
I believe mortals can view it…as long as this mortal can post a youtube link.

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