SOTA SSO ( Single Sign ON )

Hello VK3ARR & MM0FMF, I signed in with SOTLAS, was logged in unfortunately something wrong pressed and now I do not log on, it always comes: One-time code enter.

Could it have something to do with SSO ??

Thanks & 73
markus IN3ADF

Yes, somehow you have enabled two factor authentication

You also have 4 accounts?! Why? :slight_smile:

(And which one do you use?)

Apologies if this has been asked before, and I’m sure info has probably been disseminated, but I don’t remember seeing it.

When I started SOTA 3 years’ish ago, I created accounts on SOTAwatch, the Reflector and the Database, and after a short while changed my password to the same for each of them, to make it easy for me to remember them.

Since then there has been a lot of talk about SSO, which is obviously in use now.

I see talk on the Reflector about creating an SSO account on the SOTA home page, but have never had to do this as my existing separate accounts work OK.

Is there anything I need to do, account wise, regarding SSO, or am I OK as I am?

Thanks and regards,

You will have been “assimilated” if you were a user 3 years back. :smile:

Can you login to SW3 ? (Use your database username and password) If you can then everything is hunky dory.

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Yes. I have just checked and I can log in.

Thanks for the quick response to my question.


David, just use SW3 and the new database from now ( as we want to shutdown the older services one day.

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Much like the other David G4ZAO I too used different login details on the various sites.
If I click the red sotawatch3 on the reflector page, I get taken to the Alerts/Spots page ", but there is no button or tab for me to ‘post new spot’, just the command to either register or login. If I try to log in I get taken to the ‘ page’ which just shows the SOTA triangular logo but every attempt I try to login in eit either tells me I’ve used an incorrect username/password or, an instruction to say I need a verification email and neither of those tabs works or produces an email.

Am I too missing something obvious?

David P, M6GYU

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Sometimes you miss things because they are obvious but not always to the user.

Windows / Mac / Linux / iOS / Android ?
Web browser software ?

Do you have privacy addons installed on the browser? (Noscript, uBlock, Privacy Badger)?

You don’t have an SSO account yet. This means you registered for the database after the big “merge all the old accounts”.

If you have a script blocker running you can either disable it for registration and re-enable it once sorted or allow the following domains, and allow 3rd party cookies for

Go here and enter your database username and password. The login/register link is top right on the web page. What happens when you register?


Gosh, when I try newsotadata I get a chaser log that I’d like to have but it sure as heck isn’t mine :wink: I only have 19 points as correctly shown on the old system.

I also get someone else’s data on newsotadata
Andy - wrt to the SSO and Sotawatch3 - I followed the links above, re-registered, verified the email, now Sotawatch3 shows a listing until I login, when it shows a blank screen - this on Firefox on both Windows10 and Android. No privacy add-ons in action.
As I have several machines on the go, do I need to ensure that all the Sota sessions are closed off and reopened?

Well, there’s a bug there in that there’s an inadvertent default user. However, both accounts are in that list of about 50 odd new users that were not synchronised properly that we’ve mentioned before. I’ve fixed both accounts.

Thank Andy.
I won’t be able to try that until later this evening as I’m away from the offending Mac (Safari) and my IPad which I use for SOTA.

I don’t have any privacy additions installed either. I’ll have a go at registrering this evening.
Tks for your help and patience.

That’s cured it - many thanks. :+1:

Thanks, Andy - mine is sorted too. Shame to loose the extra chaser points I saw before but at least they’re now all mine!

Hi Andy

I’ve gone to and tried login with my SOTA Data name/password but it won’t accept it (incorrect name or password).

I’ve then gone and registered and completed the fields, and it then it says a verification email (I’ve clicked the request box for an email) will be sentto me but despite repeating this two or three times I’ve not received one - and I’ve checked my junk mail box too.


I’ll reply by PM to save filling this with stuff only relevant to you.

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Hello This is M6BWA and I have just had to change to a new computer as the other one died while away SOTAing in Scotland. Since then we (with M0JLA) have been trying to access Sotawatch 3 or any method of uploading logs etc. We have somehow found a way into the Reflector (hence this post) but can reach nothing else. We have tried a variety of user names (this may be one of the problems!) and said we have forgotten the password (as none of ours eem to work) and, if lucky, the message ‘we will email you’ (or something similar) appears - but nothing is received. Help! I do realise this may have to wait for the return of FMF but hought I’d start the process. Many thanks.
Viki M6BWA

Ok now I can type…bloody software, they should whip ptogrammers who do a cruddy job! I’ll have a look later, currently Lyon St. Exupery rail station on way to next bit of the trip. 35mins for train, 15mins taxi, 10 mind checkin the I can fire up the laptop. Patienez vous as they say in these parts. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Andy. Don’t upset the end of your break.
We may now be OK as Vicki has had info from Jim, G0CQK, (with about the only possible user name we never thought of) but is currently picking her way around the flooded garden. One dark (very soon now) she will be in to give it a go.