SOTA resources shine!

I gave a presentation on SOTA to my amateur radio club in Minnesota last week that was well received. Because of interest, it quickly went from showing prepared slides to going online and turning to the various SOTA resources to answer questions. In addition to looking at spots and alerts, we pulled up maps of nearby summits, looked at my log from a recent activation, and checked the roll of honor lists for W0C, where I primarily activate. Through all this, the queries were executed promptly and all the pages for links I clicked on came up quickly as well. It emphasized to me how well the online resources for SOTA work, and how they contribute to the positive experience I have activating and chasing. I felt like I should acknowledge the people who work to make it so. Thank you!

Peter KD0YOB


I would be interested in the slide stack you created.

Kent K9EZ

Couldn’t agree more Peter. Our on-line presence is truly ‘awesome’ and a credit to all who work hard, voluntary keeping wheels smoothly turning. :desktop:

Thanks all! (you know who you are :wink: )


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I did a talk on Sota to my radio club and created my slides based on some I got from other people. If anyone wants a copy of my slides, UK specific to a point, let me know.