SOTA presentation from Phil, G4OBK at RSGB Convention - live streamed (Saturday 8 Oct 2022).

10.30 (UK Time) radio in Europe – Phil Catterall, G4OBK

I will talk about the main four adventure radio programmes, mainly concentrating on Summits On The Air (SOTA) and what is involved in planning a successful low power HF Portable Expedition in UK and Europe. Licensing, travel, navigation, useful websites and online tools will all be explained, enabling anyone to leave their shack and successfully enjoy the excitement of operating amateur radio in the outdoors whilst on holiday or on a dedicated adventure radio tour.

Live stream details here: Convention 2022 livestream - Radio Society of Great Britain - Main Site : Radio Society of Great Britain – Main Site

73 Ed.

(UK Time is currently UTC+1)
The RSGBs YouTube channel can be found here:

UPDATE - here is the livestream link - YouTube


Is it restricted to RSGB members or can anyone attend?

Hi Christophe,

It does not say on the information page, however, if they use YouTube to stream, I would expect it to be open - as is the rest of their YouTube channel.

73 Ed.


It would appear the RSGB Convention live stream on Youtube is having some technical problems at the moment…

I agree with Rob, something wasn’t right on the old link - use the new one that Martin posted above.
Good that they have got it fixed in time for Phil’s presentation which is coming up.

There’s a new separate page for Sunday - here:

Further information / program here:

Is it just me or the audio level is way too low ?

Same here. Quite low volume.
Gave a comment in the chat. Let’s see

Make sure you are using the link from Martin’s post - with me the audio is fine - the old link was bad.
Here’s the program - Phil to start in a couple of minutes:

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Well done Phil @G4OBK !

Ditto - nicely done Phil - that was not the usual “read the text” type lecture - more of a chat with the audience covering a few bullet points.
73 Ed.

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Great presentation, Phil, @G4OBK,

nice to see Pröller DM/BM-002 in your presentation, :grinning: It is one of the nearer mountains from my QTH, about one hour away

73 de Klaus

Excellent talk Phil!


Well done Phil (also interesting trying to recognise the backs of the audience’s heads :wink:)

Good job Phill

Congratulations Phil on an excellent presentation and you are certainly a great ambassador for SOTA!

Hi Guys

I haven’t seen my recording yet but will check it out if later. I’m lectured out at present after the lecture on the Y Stations war effort and the last by G0MTN about experimenting with contest antennas for HF in his back garden. So I’m taking an hour out in my room before the presentation by G4FAL on Transatlantic Tests. I’m hoping to get involved in this exercise in December and get the use of one the two letter call (G5WS etc) and have a bit of fun with the extra special historical callsign! I expect the call will be heard chasing on the usual SOTA freqs if that is within the rules of use.

Glad you enjoyed my talk guys, impressive facilities here at Kents Hill, Milton Keynes. I haven’t been to an RSGB Convention since about 2007. There are an awful lof of hams here interested in DX working and Contesting, who seem to be in the majority.

73 Phil G4OBK


Thanks for doing this Phil. Can it be watched on “catch-up”?


Hi Tom

I got into the stream at about 4.30pm local time and back tracked to my presentation while a later presentation at that time was taking place. Seems the strewam has now stopped. I am told that the talks that were streamed today will be topped and tailed and placed on the RSGB youTube channel soon. A group of the Cambridge Hams that ran the stream have done a great job and worked really hard. I just watched the last presentation with Jon @G4IVV on the upcoming Transatlantic Tests which take place throughout December. Transatlantic Tests - Radio Society of Great Britain - Main Site : Radio Society of Great Britain – Main Site

Both John @G4IVV and I signed up to take part! I will find out tonight from the organiser G4FAL if we can operate the two letter calls from a /P location. G4FAL is looking for a team to go to GD (IoM) in December and operate GD5WS or one of the other special calls. (GU also was mentioned). Any takers in the SOTA Community?

73 de Phil @G4OBK

Only if we can do /P. What’s involved Phil?